Six Corrections Officers Placed on Paid Leave from County Jail

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SCRANTON -- Six corrections officers at the Lackawanna County Prison have been accused inappropriate contact with a female inmate.

The Lackawanna County Prison Board has placed those six officers on paid leave while the allegations are investigated.

The allegations have already been investigated by a grand jury. County officials won't say why the suspensions were given out this week or when the misconduct allegedly took place.

We know it was before District Attorney Shane Scanlon took office in January. His office was handed the investigation on Friday.

“I can’t comment on prior investigations conducted by a grand jury, however, if items were previously investigated they would have been handled and closed,” explained Scanlon. “If there are new matters that need to be investigated, they will be investigated.”

Scanlon thinks the suspension of the six corrections officers may have been a premature move on the part of the county.

This new investigation will start at square one. The chairman of the Lackawanna County Prison Board released a statement that says in part:

"The prison staff and administration will cooperate fully with the district attorney's investigation into this matter. It is vitally important that we secure both the truth and accuracy of the situation. We are committed to protecting everyone's rights, and, in the end, ensuring justice."


  • Robert Lee

    Looks likes Scanly has the CO’s best interest.. way to go West Side boy. Let’s see how you brush it away being that Joe B had diarrhea of the mouth on his way to the slammer.

  • I promise Notlying

    It was Kayla Guthrie. She was a prostitute before she got arrested, so I assume it’s step up to sleep with the keepers of your house. Tsk tsk, officers, that girl has HIV. Literally, not just picking.

  • please rise

    All thumbs down on this web sight are corrections officers. Guilty and not guilty officers. Hence the brotherhood. A brotherhood that will soon be fractured by the deafening crack of the wooden gavel after the word “guilty” pierces the bland, musty, and humid air of the Lackawanna courthouse.

  • Pa., The Devils Spawning Ground!

    The good Pa. people, the good people in this state are disgusting and I bet these idiots all have wives and children, good church going Pa. people, SICK DISGUSTING PLACE HATE TO CALL IT HOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bad boyz

    I wouldn’t be so quick with verdict Leslie. You need to ask yourself a few questions first. Is Lackawanna county known for corruption? Yes. Has this prison just recently encountered unlawful behaviors? Yes, that guard is currently doing 8 years in prison. Have law enforcement and corrections been getting arrested statewide for unlawful practices? They sure have been. I believe this woman, after all, why wouldn’t I?

  • Leslie

    Oh come on! A female inmate trying to get on the money train. These male officers should refuse to work the female units to protect themselves. I hope they plan on charging this convict after these officers are cleared. And they will be cleared! What a joke!!!!

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