LGBT Pride Shabbat Service Held in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- An event at a Jewish temple in Scranton Friday to show support for the LGBT community took on new meaning after the Orlando tragedy.

"Love is stronger than hate" was the message that came from what was called the LGBT Pride Shabbat at Temple Hesed on Knox Road in Scranton.

It was planned before 49 people were killed at a gay club Sunday in Orlando.

It took on new importance as a chance for people of all faiths to come together and promote hope and seek consolation.

Senator Bob Casey was among those at the event in Scranton.


  • Mike

    It’s important to note that the number of deaths in the Orlando gay club pales in comparison to the number of annual AIDS deaths in America. And when the ones who spread this fatal disease are the ones who are killed, where is the loss? We don’t hear much of AIDS deaths in the news anymore because it’s an inconvenient statistic to the mainstream media and Obama administration who need to push their pro-gay agendas onto everyone. You can Google the statistics yourself.

    • nasca7

      Actually, the first name for this disease was not AIDS but GRIDS which stood for Gay Related Immune Deficiency. The gay lobby and mainstream media got involved and we now have the term AIDS. Once bisexual men gave it to their opposite sex partners it spread into the straight community.

      • Mike

        Good point. This is similar to how mainstream media has rebranded “gay marriage” as “same-sex marriage.” Alliteration sounds nicer and friendlier, similar to “deep fried” versus “flash fried.” The late comedian George Carlin has some good insights on how euphemisms have watered down and stripped the shock out of the words we use over time. Pay attention, because the media will not spoon-feed this to you.

  • Islam is cancer

    Muslims, a common enemy shared between Jews and the LGBT communities. Or really an enemy of any sane human being period.

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