Contractor Saves Man’s Life…Twice

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SOUTH CENTRE TOWNSHIP -- A man from the Bloomsburg area is counting his blessings after a major health scare this week. He says his contractor saved his life.

"He's not just working on my house. This man has saved my life," Mike Baker said.

Baker and Fred Guzevich shared a hug as the two remembered what happened just one day earlier. Fred is the contractor working on Mike's fire-damaged house. Mike stopped by to check on things and felt like he was having a seizure.

"I went over to this dumpster over here and when that aura started to get a little bit worse," explained Baker. "I started losing control of my hands, started losing control of my speech."

"I could tell just by his convulsions it wasn't good, and I hollered to my brother to call 911 now," added Guzevich.

Fred does not have any medical training just good instincts. He explained, "In my arms, he started to go limp. He was turning not good colors. I honestly felt we lost him twice."

Fred pried open Mike's jaw and Mike started breathing again.

What makes this situation even more special is according to Mike, this isn't the first time Fred has saved his life. The two were talking on the phone about Mike's house about two months ago when all of a sudden Mike could not speak properly.

"I said, 'Do you need help? Are you OK?' I heard him say no and I said, 'Mike, we're coming over,'" added Guzevich.

Baker explained, "If Fred hadn't acted in both cases, I would have died. There's no doubt about it."

"Oh listen, I'm just a normal guy. I hope everybody would be that way. I would hope if that was me, he would come to my rescue," Guzevich said.

What makes this story even better is Mike's doctors had not been able to pinpoint exactly what was wrong with him. When Fred described Thursday's incident to the doctors, they immediately diagnosed him with epilepsy.

Thanks to Fred, Mike can get on the proper medication. Mike calls Fred his guardian angel.

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  • Brittany copley

    That’s my father. I’m happy to see he’s been given some attention for this although he’d probably say it was unnecessary. He does good wherever he goes, it’s a part of who he is, it’s in his nature to put others first and be kind. He’s a one of kind man and I get to call him my Dad. Xoxo

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