Swoyersville Police Busy with Thefts, Break-Ins

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SWOYERSVILLE --  Police in Luzerne County are investigating several break-ins and thefts that have hit communities on the west side.

Timothy Smith lives on Lackawanna Avenue in Swoyersville and has seen firsthand what can happen by letting your guard down. For six years, he kept his lawnmower in his backyard covered with a tarp and a table until someone recently stole it.

“There's a church right here, it's a quiet neighborhood and all of a sudden -- my fathers, too, he got his stolen,” he said.

Police in Swoyersville are also investigating a handful of break-ins that happened this month. Most of them have been car break-ins because people are leaving their doors unlocked.

But Sarah Kriso's aunt had her home broken into twice in recent weeks.

"It's really scary because it doesn't happen around here like it does not happen,” she said, adding she's not taking any chances. "Everything's being locked securely and  I  have a two-year-old, so making sure everything is safe!"

The owner of the Owen Street Bakery also reported to police that someone set off his motion lights. Ray Marriggi works there and said,  “I’m kind of surprised by that, I really am."

Swoyersville Police point out that sometimes their hands are tied. They may catch a suspect, but if a victim does not testify against them, police have to let them go.


  • the duke of all shiny metal objects

    This is predictable when you have a society heavy into drugs of all kinds,they have offspring that receives zero discipline. If it’s not nailed down it disappears.

  • E

    I, unfortunately, had to stop in Swoyersville on a few occasions and the impression the locals gave was that of stereotype stupid Polocks. Based on the crime statistics for that area it’s clearly occupied by drunken coal miner trash. Point being I’m not surprised that the drunks have graduated to drugs which explains these thefts. Lol.

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