Reaction to Politicians’ Statements on Shooting

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It's being called the deadliest mass shooting in American history. It seems like everyone has something to say about the nightclub shooting in Orlando--especially politicians. Both presidential candidates made their stances pretty clear. Hillary Clinton is calling for tougher gun laws. Donald Trump is pushing for a ban on Muslims. But what do people in our area think?

"They're both wrong," Judy Dutcher said.

Judy Dutcher of Lewisburg believes the killer would have committed the crime with or without a gun.

"I think this is not about the ability to get or not get guns. It's a hate crime and if he hadn't had a gun, he would have found some other way to do it," Dutcher said.

No one we spoke with completely agreed with Trump or Clinton, but everyone we spoke with agreed this should not be a politicized issue.

"There's not a one-fix answer to the problem. Banning all guns? People who want to kill people are still going to find guns. Banning all people from coming in who are Muslim? People who want to come in and kill people are going to find a way to come in," Nicole Charpentier said.

"Not all Muslims are going to be going out and trying to kill other people. It's a personal choice. It's what they think they're doing whether they think it's right or not right," Janell Newswanger said.

The people we spoke with believe politics should be kept out of this situation and the politicians should just grieve with the rest of us.

"I think we really need to sit down as a country and try to figure out how to move forward in this and make it safe for everyone without just making a Band-aid fix," Charpentier said.

Some issues the people in our area did agree with the politicians on is that we must all be supportive of one another. Also, our nation's security should be the top priority.


  • So many clueless ppl

    Had hilary clintons own state dept not forced fbi to shut down investigation into mosque of orlando shooter, (because she did not want hurt muslims feelings , awww) this prob would not have happened. Google it , its out there. Its things like this the msm don’t talk about much.

    This was also not a hate crime. The shooter is gay himself. This was the worst terrorist attack in US since 911.

  • Me

    There’s no one specific solution or answer we need a series of moves to fix this.. Stricter gun laws, action to supporters of Isis, and a more in depth solution plan to combat mental health in our country.

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