People Rappel to Raise Money For Neighborworks

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SCRANTON -- There's a new kind of fundraiser going on in Scranton that's a far cry from a 5K or spaghetti dinner. This one welcomes people to rappel down the side of Scranton's tallest building.

Something had groups of people in downtown Scranton looking up--more than a dozen stories up--people were dangling by rope on top of Bank Towers on Spruce Street.

They were doing so by choice. In fact, they raised a lot of money for the right to rappel. Altogether, the "Over the Edge Scranton" fundraiser netted more than $60,000 for Neighborworks of NEPA.

"I tell you what, we are thrilled with how many people have embraced this idea," said Jesse Ergot, Neighborworks of NEPA. "A lot of people, when we started throwing this idea out there, were saying something like this wouldn't work in northeastern Pennsylvania."

Fifty people plan to rappel over the weekend. The first pair were coworkers at Gibbons Ford in Dickson City. They greeted other workers on the way down.

At 14 stories, Bank Towers is the tallest building in downtown Scranton. Rappelers will travel 150 feet down.

"We were actually singing, 'Welcome to the danger zone!'' said Lisa Gormley of Gibbons Ford.

Organizers insist there isn't any danger. Rappelers are provided some short instructions before heading over the edge.

"I think it's awesome," said Casey Medeiros of Gibbons Ford. "It's something that gets people really excited. It's something that you don't see in this area. It's something that you would almost do on vacation, but you're not. We're in Scranton. I think it's really exciting, and people seem to be really into it."

If having feet planted safely on the ground is more your thing, anyone is invited to come and watch. More rappels begin Saturday morning at 9 a.m.