Governor Talks Overdose Problem as Locals Plan Rally

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SCRANTON -- Governor Tom Wolf held a roundtable discussion with area leaders to address the growing problem of addiction and overdoses in Pennsylvania.

"A lot of it does start at home and I think the early diagnosis is really important," said Governor Wolf. "If you see this, don't ignore it and get out of denial. It's a disease."

The discussions comes at the same time that a rally is being planned in Wyoming County to raise awareness on the issue this August.

Lizz DeWolfe is the woman behind the rally. DeWolfe lost her son last year after he died of a heroin overdose while at a treatment center in Florida.

"I need to step up and be his voice and get out there and spread the word that it's okay," said DeWolfe.

DeWolfe is working with Wyoming County Commissioners and other area leaders on organizing the rally.

"Removing stigma is the biggest hurdle we need to overcome with this disease and people need to stand up and fight for their rights in recovery," said John Fabiseski of Wyoming County Cares.

You may have seen DeWolfe back when Newswatch16 spoke with her last month at a rally in Bradford County where she shared her son's story and became inspired to have Wyoming County host its own rally.

"I need to bring this back to my county," DeWolfe added. "I got to bring it back and we have to step up and it's time to take control and get our county back and get help out there for these addicts who are looking for the help they need and stop the stigma."

The rally to raise awareness is set for August 11 at 5 p.m. outside the Wyoming County Courthouse in Tunkhannock.

There is also "Young People in Recovery" meeting at 7 p.m. Friday at the EMS building in Tunkhannock.


  • magicmikexxsm

    You know if stupid people wouldn’t use the drug the first time they are offered it, then their would not be a problem…the old adage Just Say No, still rings true today…..

  • All you need is love...

    Lowlifes, junkies, losers… Do any of you have an ounce of clue as to what it’s like to be close to a heroin user? Do you realize that there is an actual person underneath the persona of the drug? These people shouldn’t be defined by what they do. Compassion goes a long way. Getting to know someone despite what they do can mean the world to someone.

  • drac

    Hey Mr. Wolf, When are you gonna help the hard working homeowners with reducing their property taxes instead of wasting taxpayers money on these losers?

  • joemama1980

    Heroin addiction is not a disease. Cancer is a disease. You can’t decide to give up cancer. People keep enabling junkies and low lifes by calling it a disease

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