Voters Concerned About Clinton/Trump Showdown

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KELLY TOWNSHIP -- Many voters aren't happy with the candidate choices in this year's presidential race, and aren't sure who they will vote for this November.

Hillary Clinton gained enough delegates to get the Democratic presidential nomination after her latest victories in the primaries. That means voters will likely choose between the former first lady and businessman Donald Trump this November.

"I think that was kind of expected," Shirley Yost said.

"It's scary," Ben Criswell said.

Newswatch 16 spoke to voters near Lewisburg about their thoughts on the upcoming general election.

"Trump has some good ideas, but he's over the top," Carole Moser said.

"It's a toss-up but I think it's the lesser of the evil. I'm going for Hillary all the way because we never had a lady president in the United States," Terry Wise said.

Newswatch 16 spoke with both Republicans and Democrats. Everyone we spoke with said this is an election they would consider voting outside of their party.

"I usually vote Republican, but this time around it scares me. I don't know which way to go," Criswell said.

Most of the people we spoke with say usually by this time in the election process they know for sure who they're going to vote for. But not this time.

"It's hard to say. We certainly need a change, but I don't know if Trump is the change that we need. I'm afraid with Hillary, it's going to be the same old thing it's been for years," Carole Moser said.

"I was a Trump supporter at first but the more he opens his mouth the more it scares me. To be honest, I don't trust Hillary," Criswell said.

"We need a change. But I don't know about Trump and I don't know about Hillary. We just don't know yet," Jack Moser said.

"I just feel bad for the future of our country because no matter which one would win there's going to be terrible outrage," Yost said.

Nobody we spoke with said they wanted a third-party candidate to come forward. Most people want to watch the upcoming debates to see if that will help them make a decision.


  • Pedro

    Mitt Romney, looks and would be more Presidential than either of them, he is the best choice, this is his chance ! We are in for it if Hillary or the Donald become next President ! Please Gov Romney, enter in and save USA from these awful ( 2 ) Candidates ! Please

  • my right to carry does not end at the end of my driveway !

    She is Obama in a woman’s body. The American Dream ended 11/06/2012 in Ohio. Obamas second term in office. She is a Con Artist. I pray every night she will be sent to prison.

    • I come in peace

      Why do people hate Obama do much? Serious question.. Obamacare was a mistake but other than that? I’m coming from a neutral standpoint and just want to see people’s responses.

      • Meh

        obama has done more singlehandedly than any other president in history to trash the constitution.. the fact that you have to ask shows how ignorant you are as to his actions the past 7+ years…

  • Craig

    Ill take hillary over trump any day. I dont give a da*n about the emails, its the only leverage that people have against her. Trump needs to eat a trump steak and just crawl back in his hole with his small loan of a million dollars.

  • Pedro

    I hope Mitt Romney runs as Independent ! He is better choice than Trump or Hillary
    3rd time is the charm Mitt ! Please run !

  • nojustice_nopeace

    “Voters Concerned About Clinton/Trump Showdown.” Oh for the love of God grow up!
    And, this rendition of Hillary looking like a ray of sunshine and Trump looking like a monster is reminisce of when they painted the same picture of Obama vs McCain. And it’s lame.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    I don’t know how anyone could be confused about who they will vote for this year. You love one or the other. There really isn’t any in between. I’ve voted democratic in the past (pre-Obama, so last 8 years isn’t my fault!)

    NO MORE!!

  • TheWizard

    These people have been well known for decades. If at this point you don’t realize the contrast, or are otherwise undecided, you should probably watch a few less movies and invest some of your time in reality.

    • Might as well let Arnold be President

      Well when one of the candidates for PRESIDENT is most known for his role in movies and reality TV shows how exactly would you define “Reality” This presidential race has been a reality show through and through… Embarrassing..

  • Meh

    “FBI: Records from Clinton’s email server being held as ‘evidence'”
    You can research that yourselves…
    TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Billbo

      Trump is just as dirty as Hilary.. Just hasn’t had the chance in office to do come crazy stuff yet.. He just may get his shot! Stocking up on popcorn now..

    • Craig

      except when there is a war over the ridiculous trade fee’s he wants to place or when the mexican president tells him for the 100th time hes a moron and they’re not paying for a wall

    • Billbo

      Safe and Secure hahahahahahahahahaha Cant wait for it…

      “Think of all the good The Purge does..”

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