Vehicles Vandalized with Goop in Ashley

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ASHLEY -- Police in part of Luzerne County are investigating several cases of vandalism.

Something was splattered over at least six vehicles in Ashley sometime overnight.

"It was crazy like we had no idea what was all over the car!" said Krystyna Malcavage.

Someone put thick, gooey, yellow-orange substance on several vehicles parked between North Main and Brown Streets.


Several vehicle in Ashley were splattered with an unknown substance..


"We thought it was like paint or Silly Putty at first, but then we went closer and looked and it was like cheese or ketchup and hot sauce. And then I think the guys found a stick of butter somewhere, it was really weird," said Malcavage.

Police are now looking at surveillance video from a nearby store to see if it captured any suspicious activity, but they can't figure out what this stuff is either.

"Hard to determine exactly what it was," said Ashley Police Chief Dave Fedorczyk.  "It looked like it was a combination of mustard and spray foam from a can."

The goop didn't just land onto vehicles; it also got onto windows, on shrubs and even on the sidewalk.

"It was just not nice, it's immature, like why would you do something like that?" Malcavage asked.

"If they're caught, it still constitutes criminal mischief, whether they caused any permanent damage or not," added the chief.

Malcavage said she tried scrubbing the substance off her car, but not all of it came off so she plans to go to the car wash.

Police say that whoever did this should turn themselves in.

Anyone who has information on the vandalism is asked to call Ashley police at 570-822-6995.

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