Final Touches for Berwick Area Pool

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BRIAR CREEK BOROUGH -- It's taken four years, but one community in Columbia county is about to finally get back a popular pool after it fell into disrepair.

Crews were out putting the final touches on the Ber Vaughn Pool near Berwick.

The pool has been closed since 2012,  and volunteers have been working since then to raise enough money to bring the pool back as a part of a $1.7 million renovation.

"It definitely wasn't as big as it is now, for sure," said Morgen Kishbaugh, a lifeguard at the pool. "There's going to be a lot more to offer here now."

"It's been a long four years," said Berwick Area Swimming Pool Association President Joshua Kishbaugh. "It's exciting and I don't know if we're going to cry or not on Sunday but that's a good possibility."

Bea Long has spent the day doing the little things and getting the pool all ready for Sunday's scheduled grand opening.

"Fill up all the paper towel dispensers, the toilet tissue rolls, and the soap dispensers," said Long. "That's all done right now. Now, [the locker room] just needs some minor cleaning like sweeping up the floor and just getting ride of the extra junk laying around."

Rain slowed down the pouring of concrete at the Ber Vaughn Pool but ask just about anybody and they'll tell you it'll take more than just a little rain to stop this pool from re-opening after four years of being closed.

"Nothing is going to stop us from opening Sunday," exclaimed Kishbaugh.

"It's unstoppable now," added Long. "We'll keep going unless we get severe downpours but everything should be on cue for Sunday hopefully."

The grand re-opening of the Ber Vaughn Pool is scheduled to take place this Sunday with a ribbon cutting at 5 p.m.

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