Campers Brave March-like Day in June

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RICKETTS GLEN STATE PARK -- The calendar says June but the weather on Wednesday said March in some parts of our area.

Some places were stuck in the 40s for much of the day, including the popular campground at Ricketts Glen State Park, where we found campers on summer vacation certainly not expecting winter-like conditions.

Building a fire isn't just for campsite ambiance at Ricketts Glen State Park on this day; it's needed for warmth.

"I'm surprised this time of year for it to be this cold," said Anthony Digiovanni of Philadelphia.

Anthony Digiovanni and Katie Radich from the Philadelphia area aren't afraid to admit they're cold.

Our car thermometer showed the temperature at noon was only 48 degrees.

"I was not prepared for this. I did not pack well for it to be this cold," Digiovanni said.

"I packed shorts, so I wasn't expecting this kind of weather," Radich added.

Steam was rising from the water at Lake Jean that's quite a bit warmer than the air.  Only the geese were taking a dip on this day.

"It's ridiculous. We couldn't even stand by the fire to get warm, the wind was so cold," said Ashley Sporny of Jersey Shore.

While some of the family braved the outdoors, Ashley Sporny from Jersey Shore sat in the truck with her 1-year-old to warm up.

"We've been in here two hours with the baby," she laughed.

Just over a week ago, it was hot at Ricketts Glen, the beach was packed, and people were thrilled the lake is back after repairs to the dam last year.

Now, it's June, it's in the 40s in the afternoon and the place is deserted.

A family from Bradford County braved a lot this week.

"Rain, hail, sun, it's been all over the place."

But they aren't complaining at this campsite. They find the park that's pretty much empty is still pretty relaxing.

"It's chilly but it's fun," said Brandon Segur of Athens.


  • Sweet

    We camped at council cup and we were stuck inside for 2 days until today a tree branch fell on our camper and we had to leave in a hurry before something else happened. The weather was so dangerous the tree that fell through our camper would of killed me if I didn’t leave that area 5 minutes prior. Not to mention the temps today were horrible!

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