Allegiant Air: Complaints and Concerns

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AVOCA -- Some are asking if you're really getting a deal when you fly low-cost airline Allegiant Air.

Some passengers complain flights are often delayed and say they can end up paying extra fees they did not plan for.

Allegiant flies out of the Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport in Luzerne County.

Numbers indicate Allegiant Air passengers spend more time waiting at the airport than customers of all other large airlines.

This year, almost 40 percent of all Allegiant flights in the U.S. have been delayed by at least 15 minutes.

It was Friday afternoon at the Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport in Luzerne County. Passengers lined up at the Allegiant Air counter for a 6:30 p.m. flight to Clearwater, Florida.

Allegiant offers flights between Avoca and Florida four days a week.

Janine Shatrowskas of Pittston is making her fifth trip on Allegiant.

"Cheap flights," she said when asked what she likes about the airline.

"We don't have to do a layover anywhere, there's no two-hour layover here, two-hour layover there. It's a direct flight exactly where we want to go," said Rick Buckman of Dallas.

On the nights Allegiant has flights at Avoca, the lines are long.  It almost seems like it is the only game in town.

But then this flight was delayed.

Rose Fasula of Laflin just learned she'll be getting to Clearwater later than she expected, and when she checked her bag, she learned her $89 flight wasn't quite as cheap as she thought.

"My suitcase was seven pounds overweight, and I was charged $50 for the suitcase."

Allegiant Air hit Dunmore native Mary Russo with the same surcharge when she came up from Florida to visit relatives.

"$50 dollars coming up and $50 dollars going back, that's $100!  That's someone I could have brought up with me," Russo said.

Russo and Fasula are veteran flyers who say other airlines would not have added the surcharge for their suitcases.

A check of the top 10 U.S. carriers shows most carriers have a 50-pound weight limit for checked bags

But on Allegiant, that limit is 40 pounds.

"I got nickel and dimed," said Russo.

In a statement emailed to Newswatch 16, Allegiant writes, "size and weight limits for baggage are provided to our passengers on our website."

The other annoyance for Allegiant passengers:  delays.

According to the website, almost 40 percent of Allegiant flights are delayed 15 minutes or more -- a higher percentage than any other large American carrier.

For Mary Russo, it was a homecoming to Dunmore that involved more money spent on the flight and more time spent at the airport.

"I'm tired and I want to get home, I want to get home," she said. "But now instead of getting home at 9:30, I will be getting home at 10ish."

In addition to delays, statistics show Allegiant has a higher than average rate of cancelled flights.

Although statistics are nationwide and not specific to airports,  we do know that over the past two months or so, four flights between Avoca and Clearwater  were cancelled.

In its emailed statement, Allegiant says it is working to improve its on-time and cancellation record.


  • Mary

    You didn’t mention there is a charge to pick your seat also. Charge for your bag. It all adds up. Plus my last trip to Clearwater was delayed from arriving at 8:20 to arriving after midnight.

  • Rick

    Sounds like this article was forwarded to Channel 16 by Delta Air lol. I’ve used Allegiant several times never had a delay and never charged a fee for a bag as I read the website to see what I was allowed to carry on of course. The airliner I was on was one of the most roomy and comfortable I’ve ever been on. If you’re traveling south in the summer and you’re bringing 50 pounds of belongings I’d say you have some major issues and deserve to be charged a fee.

  • Greg Marino

    This “Travel Company” is notoriously DISMAL with the likes of it’s maintenance and aircraft system failures such as…aborted take-offs, engine failures and engine FIRES, flight diversions, emergency landing, NORMAL landing and blowing main wheel tires on touch down, return to gate you just departed from, return to the airport YOU JUST TOOK FROM…and you want to talk about 15 minute delays?!?

    What about the flights that were delayed because of maintenance problems…FOR TWO TO THREE DAYS?!?! YES!!! TWO TO THREE DAYS!!!

    And, consider this! The F.A.A. is presently ALL OVER Allegiant Air for the aforementioned…TWO YEARS EARLY….ON A FIVE YEAR F.A.A. REQUIRED INSPECTION! And, the funniest part is, Allegiant carries on and acts like…THIS IS SOME KIND OF AWARD!

    NEWS FLASH ALLEGIANT AIR! The F.A.A. is ALL OVER your so-called “proud” aircraft maintenance department…BECAUSE YOU CAN’T STOP SCREWING UP!!!!

    Just “Google” this bottom feeder “Travel Company” and RESEARCH what these flaming morons CAN NOT seem to get a grasp on. RESEARCH the major travel related web sites and notice the pathetic volume of complaints and note the “1 star” rating! Go to the REAL Allegiant Air Facebook page…and realize…IF YOU LEAVE BAD OPINIONS OF THIS CRAP-BOX AIR CARRIER….IT GETS DELETED!!! (They leave a few minor ones on there Facebook Page)

    Lastly, GRASP the fact that this is NOT “an Airline” and per Allegiant Air themselves, they are not under the same laws and guidelines that REAL and SAFE AIRLINES must follow!

    But if you JUST LOVE these so-called “low fares” of this BOTTOM FEEDER AIR CARRIER…by all means! Play Russian Roulette with your life! This company is prime for a crash and it’s more than this commercial aviation expert that is stating so!

  • Russ

    Agree with HOS below. Don’t know how Allegiant can afford to fly people for $89 that far. What a deal. And these stupid whiners want to cry because they weren’t smart enough to weigh their luggage ahead of time and had a 30 min delay?? Please! Only legitimate part of the story is looking into the possible higher rates of flight CANCELLATIONS.

    • Greg Marino

      Actually Russ..The biggest and most vocal “whiners” are speaking of getting caught up in one of not-so illustrious flights that oo frequently start or end up with the likes of it’s maintenance and aircraft system failures such as…aborted take-offs, engine failures and engine FIRES, flight diversions, emergency landing, NORMAL landing and blowing main wheel tires on touch down, return to gate you just departed from, return to the airport YOU JUST TOOK OFF FROM!

      And, what about all those so-called “whiners” ALL OVER major travel related web sites that have Allegiant Air at nothing than a BOTTOM OF THE BARREL RATING?!?!? Ya’ know Russ! MAYBE Allegiant squeaks out a “1.5 outta 5 stars” but, SURE! YOU wanna talk about whiners and their over-weight baggage issues?!?!

      Have at it pal. And, by all means keep right on enjoying this bottom feeder air carriers low fares and ignore everything else! Just hope on your next low fare deal to…wherever, you too don’t become another Allegiant Travel Company Statistic of disgruntled passengers!

  • Hos

    Well.. For an $89 direct flight to Florida… I think a half hour delay (or any delay) and a 40 pound bag weight limit is pretty reasonable.
    I’d be happy to wait out a delay and leave extra shoes at home to save that much on a flight.

  • Roxanne Neekey

    We fly out if CVG to Orlando/Sanford. Never had a delay. Was charged $50 one time for my suitcase being 10 lbs overweight, but that was my own fault, I shouldn’t have shopped so much! Even with the $50 charge, it was still cheaper than any other airline. My only complaint, wish they had softer seats!

    • Greg Marino

      LOL! YEAH! Uncomfortable seats! THAT’S Allegiant Air major problem! OMG, the clueless in this world just never seem to stop cracking me up!

  • joe

    We have flown on Allegiant out of ABE to Myrtle Beach numerous times.
    No delays on either end.
    READ YOUR CONTRACT so you do no get hit with fees.

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