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SCRANTON -- The owner of The Mall at Steamtown hopes a new name will help turn around that troubled shopping center in Scranton's downtown. The name change was made official Tuesday morning.

Some of the signs have been up for a few days. The new name for the Mall at Steamtown is the Marketplace at Steamtown.  The thinking is this is more than a mall.

One downtown shopper said a new name doesn't make a lot of difference.

"Now, it's dead down here.  Nobody comes down here.  Nobody comes down or chill or anything.  It's crazy," said Kim Ragona of Scranton.

Mall owner John Basalyga is out to change all that, mixing in non-traditional tenants -- including a gym and a college -- to go along with the original mall anchor Boscov's.

Another downtown shopper, Nate Warshawsky, hopes for the best, with a new name and a new future.

"If I had to say one way or another, it's good it's changed, and I hope we get a lot of good stores in there."

The mall's owner explained how the new name came about.

"A lot of thought a lot of meetings," said John Basalyga. "(We) looked up a lot of synonyms online, so we're pretty happy with it.  I think it fits."

Still, there are skeptics, believing the new name won't help much.

"You change the name; it's not going to change the stores in there.  It's not going to change the surroundings or anything in there.  You're just changing the name of the building," said Jennifer Ragona of Scranton.

The signs on the mall, and on mall property, aren't the only ones that need to be changed to the new name.

According to PennDOT, the mall owner will have to request a change to signs along highways, and pay for the new signs.  It will not cost taxpayers.

Work is underway to convert part of the old BonTon space on the second floor to the Scranton campus for Luzerne County Community College.


  • Joe

    Those dumb signs better not cost the tax payers. ….. marketplace with no Market. And a couple of local vendors on the way… yeah great idea.

  • Quick joe

    Hahahaha… looks like the new owner isn’t too bright or gracious. I’d say a tad cocky and over confident.. get a grip bud

    • Kelly

      “we looked up a lot of synonyms on line…” haha… how about learning how to use that extensive vocabulary of yours. Did you look up a lot synonyms ? What a maroon.


    Yeah, that will last long…NOT!

    You need actual stores, not flea markets and a community college.

  • T.John (@808Matthews)

    No wants to “chill”…. Where do I even begin?….
    1) Beyond negative outlook. That’s the BIGGEST issue.
    2) No wants you to just “chill” there. It’s a place spend money, enjoy entertainment, maybe get an education and a good work out after. You know, be an active, productive, classy member of the city…..
    3) This is a long term project. You WILL NOT attract any business or major retail stores without a fresh look. Would you rent a home without proper upgrades or safety concern being addressed? Would you invest ANY money into something if you know it had no possibility to make a profit? Normally, when you invest money into something like this, improvements need to be made. They won’t happen over night. But, if you want to be successful, clearly you need to start some place. This is just another piece to the puzzle. Upgrade, clean up, fresh start and next thing you know, there will be businesses that will want to be apart of this remaking.

    Go chill in Pinebrook or down in Southside. Maybe the market isnt for a “person of your nature”..
    Show some positiveness. It might get you some place….. Like employment.

  • Franko

    Oh boy, a name change isn’t going to change the fact that it is still a mall in the downtown area of a poor bankrupt town where the closest people to that place live in crap houses and can’;t afford to shop at what was some of the most expensive stores in the area. This is still an area where the average resident makes $9/h if they are lucky. They are trying to attract middle class peopel to a mall that is no where near middle class neighborhoods. Only people with money can afford to go to a gym or go back to school. I am surprised that Boscov’s is still around, after all, who can afford to shop their? Maybe they should do something about all the cracks in the foundations and the floors in the mall and the exterior walls before they get concerned about the name.

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