Facebook Feud, Dispute Over Man Led to Deadly Stabbing

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SCRANTON -- We are learning more about both the suspect and victim in a deadly stabbing in Scranton. The violence appears to have been fueled by a Facebook fight over a guy.

An 18-year-old mother is dead and a 16-year-old high school sophomore will most likely be charged with homicide.

That 16-year-old sophomore, Cathleen Boyer, has been charged as an adult with aggravated assault and other charges for an alleged fight turned deadly on Sunday in Scranton's hill section.

There are candles and balloons in the spot where Arlene Sembrot's husband usually parks his truck on McKenna Court in Scranton. They are reminders of why the Sembrots have felt uneasy since Sunday night.

"I feel bad. Now that you tell me she had a 1 year old,. I feel really bad about it."

The candles spell out the initials "K.V." for 18-year-old Kayla VanWert.

Police say the young mom was stabbed twice there Sunday night. She died later at the hospital.

Another teenager is in police custody. Officers say Cathleen Boyer arranged the fight with the victim that turned deadly.

Witnesses told Newswatch 16 that a man carried Kayla VanWert's body from the alley Sunday night.

Arlene Sembrot saw an SUV pull up a few minutes later.

"Then I seen a guy get out and pick something up, he had a red shirt on and all these chains on. And then he got in the car, so I came down here, right about right here, and they flew through the alley," Sembrot recalled.

Sembrot says a group of five people then seemed to search the scene with flashlights.

The cause of the fight between the two girls was well known amongst family, friends, and Facebook friends. Cathleen Boyer and Kayla VanWert were fighting over the father of VanWert's 1-year-old daughter -- Jorge DeJesus, 19, of Scranton.

DeJesus is in jail on a parole violation after allegedly being violent with VanWert.

Officials with the Scranton School District say Kayla VanWert used to attend Scranton High School. The accused, Cathleen Boyer, is currently a sophomore at West Scranton High School.


  • Dave

    Winners. NEPA, that whole area is trash. My grandpa lived up there and when he passed away I drove a few hours up there for his funeral and spent the weknd in that city. The most arrogant, cocky, crude and unintelligent americans I ever met up there. All you have to do is drive around and look out your window, everything there is rusty, broken, and falling apart , it’s disgusting up there.

  • Writer Girl

    Isn’t diversity grand? A white teen knives a teen that looks biracial and has a child by a scumbag. Things nowadays are just grand in this country that is full of trash of every color.

  • Candace

    This whole situation saddens me to the core. It saddens me that a 16 year old girl didn’t have enough parental supervision that she was allowed to meet an 18 year old woman in an alley to “fight”. A fight over a dirt bag that sits in a jail cell, who parents these children? I am deeply saddened at the passing of an 18 year old girl, not because she leave behind a baby or because she was stabbed in an alley, but because she is a statistic. A statistic that never had to be. Kayla should have been in a college classroom and studying for finals to better her life for her and her infant daughter, instead of sitting on Facebook worrying about some dirt bag who is sitting in a jail cell. Your parents failed you Kayla. I just truly hope that your daughter doesn’t suffer the same failures. I hope Social Services steps up and places this beautiful little girl in a loving family to be adopted. I hope she is placed far away from here so that no immediate/extended family member can ever get their tentacles into her and with every fiber of my being I hope she goes on the succeed in life because that is the greatest gift she can give her Mother. As far as the 16 year old child who is now being charged as an adult and sits behinds bars, shame on you. Shame on you for thinking its ok to stab someone and then having the colossal nerve to say you have “no remorse”. You stole a life … you stole someone’s daughters, someone’s sister, someone’s mom and for that you will someday need to make amends with your maker but until then I truly hope that you turn your life around. I grew up in the Green Ridge Section of Scranton in the 80’s and these types of issues never happened in “our” city. Our city was safe, family oriented and people had respect for each other. It’s time that our city is like this again. Time to weed out the undesirables and ship them all back to the holes they crawled out from. It’s disgusting that this is happening in our backyard. I have two teenage daughters and you can be rest assured that those girls whereabouts are accounted for every second of every day. I know who they hang out with, where they are and if a parent will be there to supervise and yes, I have a daughter who is 16 and would never have been permitted to be in an alley to “fight” someone. People need to raise their children and stop being absentee. Have morals, have respect and most of all ….. teach them right from wrong!! May the Angels guide into Heaven above and watch over you Kayla.

  • Concerned Citizen

    I am not going to sit here and talk ill of the two girls, but I have to say that this truly a shame. They both had their lives ruined over a man , a man that they will not even be able to see , noneless. One girl is dead another’s life is also ruined because of a poor choice. I seem people calling people in scranton Trash , so forth , This can happen anywhere, and it might happen more than people realize.
    Facebook is not any better in this mess. It causes so much more problems than it does to help someone. A person’s life is never private anymore , and a feud between two or more people only gets worse when it comes to Facebook.
    So I have to say I feel bad for both of these girls, they were too young to go through what they both went through. So before I get all the negative comments on this post, Think about it for a minute , what if this were your family or someone who you knew ? Youd be having different feelings about this . And just because a mother wanted to go out and fight, it does not necessarly make her a bad mother , it just makes her immature , and she should of made a better choice, as well as the one that had the knife.

  • Dawn Davenport

    Ugh! Such trash in this area. And let’s not pretend these kids came from good families. I get all kids can mess up, but when you have an incident like this, it’s clear they come from people that are stupid, morally bankrupt trash. I hope the murderer is charged as an adult!

  • What everyone is thinking

    Everyone is posting how great of a mother she was. How is a 18yr old who’s child father in jail who was fighting over him after he was abusive towards her a good mom? How is putting that child in a abusvie environment a good mom? Tell me how is she a good mom when she left her child in the care of someone else to go fight someone? To go fight a minor at that? No she wasn’t a good mom and she made that clear. Did she deserve to die? No but let’s not make her seem like an angel!!

    • Jackie

      Who the h*ll are you to jude this poor girl, that her life was taken over envy. Your right SHE 18! where were u at 18? Get real with your self you must know the sick, envy little girl to make such comments. This girl didn’t bring her kid with her . She left her some where safe. Now this poor little one year old will never grow to know her mother. Cuz of this stupidity. Now one girl gone forever and the other one facing time so sad. My pray goes out to both of these girls family which is the one suffering the most. R.i.p Little Angel

      • Devitto

        I’ll tell you where I was at 18!! In the military actually doing something for my country and not fighting in the ghetto….you make the bed you sleep in

      • jimbrony

        Jackie, Jackie, Jackie… I’ll give you a pass on your atrocious spelling and grammar since you are most likely under duress with this sad affair. So you ask the question: “where were u at 18?” Like a lot of my peers, I was out starting my career in a trade, while others went into the military or college. Imagine that; make something of yourself instead of being a victim. As someone else said – you make the bed you sleep in. This all boils down to people making dumb decisions, not learning from them, and then continue making dumb decisions. Seriously, fighting over some loser that is incarcerated – someone that was abusive towards you? With a 16 year old? I feel so much better that she acted responsibly by ensuring her child was elsewhere…

    • Jay

      Who the h*ll are you to jude this poor girl, that her life was taken over envy. Your right SHE 18! where were u at 18? Get real with your self you must know the sick, envy little girl to make such comments. This girl didn’t bring her kid with her . She left her some where safe. Now this poor little one year old will never grow to know her mother. Cuz of this stupidity. Now one girl gone forever and the other one facing time so sad. My pray goes out to both of these girls family which is the one suffering the most. R.i.p Little Angel

    • Duhhh

      How about you be a little more respectful of the deceased? You don’t know her! so you have nothing to say!

    • Writer Girl

      I agree with you. The 18-year old was the adult, but in age only, it seems. Those calling for the death penalty are deluding themselves. At least she took responsibility for her actions, but this mindset of everything being settled by violence has got to go.

  • Stu Miller

    See…If they had been fighting over a guy in college rather than a guy in the joint…they probably could have settled the whole thing with a spelling bee…

    • jimbrony

      The word is ‘ghetto’. ‘Please use the word in a sentence.’ If you kill someone over a loser in jail, you ghetto join them in the joint.

  • BZ22

    Did those family and friends intervene or help escalate the fight between these two girls? Pretty pathetic they thought that guy was worth fighting or dying for!!

  • bobby

    A child that has a child and another child willing to throw her life away over a Facebook fight, a Facebook fight over guy that is in jail for domestic violence…….SMH
    The only real victim in this is the one year old that has lost her mother and has a dad that is incarcerated & most likely will never be a father. The poor child doesn’t have a chance

    • BE NICE

      Hopefully the abusive father doesn’t get custody of the baby when he gets out of jail. Then maybe the baby will have a chance in life.

  • Jerry

    Make an example of this 16yr old low life. She should get the death penalty for taking another’s life and then posting on Facebook how she had no remorse for doing it. Now we have to pay for her to live while another girl is dead. It’s time to show these scumbags to respect life or have yours taken also.

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