Senior Trip Stalled by Bus Breakdown

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WEST CHILLASQUAQUE TOWNSHIP -- Some 30 high school seniors are missing out on their class trip to Busch Gardens in Virginia, all because the bus never showed up.

It happened to kids at Lewisburg Area.

The principal of Lewisburg Area High School says the class has been planning this trip for months. She blames the mishap on broken communication and a broken bus.

Megan McGinnis and her friend Leander Shaffer have been thinking about this day for quite some time. This was supposed to be the day of their senior class trip.

"We woke up at like 3 in the morning to get on the bus at like 5 to go to Busch Gardens for our senior class trip," said McGinnis.

About 30 Lewisburg Area High School seniors showed up at the school bright and early.  Leander Shaffer says he made it on time but something didn't seem right.

"For the bus to not even be there now, that was just something not good," said Shaffer.

"Unfortunately, we had a bus that never came," said Principal Paula Reber.

She says the school hired a bus company from the Danville area to drive the students to and from the amusement park in Virginia.

"They had contracted out this particular trip to another company that they sometimes work with. That company's bus broke down, but that communication did not get back," Reber explained.

"I wish we could have gone. We were really looking forward to it," McGinnis added.

Instead of staying in Lewisburg, many of the seniors decided to take their own road trip. Some headed to the mall while others made their way to the beach.

"Well, we had our day set aside to go somewhere and have a lot of fun, why not do it anyway," said Shaffer.

While Shaffer says he still had fun on his day off from school, he still wants that senior class trip.

"It's not just about the money for this trip. It's also about the memories that this trip was supposed to be, so we are talking about possibly putting something  together this summer, closer but locally to give the students some sort of experience to make up for it," said Reber.

School officials tell us students will get their money back if they paid for the trip. A lot of the money was raised through fundraisers. At this point, we're not sure if that will be reimbursed.

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