Scranton Woman Charged After Toddler Severely Burned

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SCRANTON -- Police say a toddler was severely burned after being left alone in a bathtub with the water running. Now, the woman who was caring for the child was arrested and charged.

Scranton police charged Yanisha Acevedo, 24, of Scranton with child endangerment after a 21-month-old baby was severely burned while in her care.

Newswatch 16 found Acevedo sitting outside her home on Frink Street in west Scranton after she was released from custody following her arraignment. She declined to talk, saying she didn't speak English.

Theresa Armen lives next door but says she doesn't know Acevedo well.

“I'd like to help her, but if you try to talk to her, she doesn't like to talk because she can't speak English,” said Armen. “She probably doesn't understand.”

Investigators say Acevedo was taking care of the 21 month old and the baby's two young siblings at her home on March 30.

Police say Acevedo was giving the toddler a bath when Acevedo's own baby, a 6 month old, began crying in another room. Acevedo told police she left the 21 month old alone for only three minutes. When she came back, Avecedo said steam was coming from the tub and the child had severe burns.

Ambulance crews were called, who took the baby to Geisinger-CMC. Police were called to investigate.

“I knew she had a little baby not too long ago and we always say, we haven't seen him in quite a while now because usually you see her putting him in the car,” said Armen.

Police say Acevedo left the child alone in a tub with a faucet that was easy to turn with the water running, resulting in the child's injuries.

Neighbor Nicholas Deninno says the child should have never been left unattended.

“I have two daughters. One just graduated from college. She's behind me. I would never do that. That's horrible,” said Deninno.

Police say the child had been burned on the neck, back, and shoulder area and was eventually transferred to the Lehigh Valley Burn Center for treatment.


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