New Home for Disabled Marine and His Family

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FLEMINGTON -- A former marine who now has ALS will soon have a new home in Clinton County, thanks to the national non-profit organization "Homes For Our Troops."

Timothy Dobos might feel cramped in his home near Mill Hall because his family is growing.

"We have a new born which Tim,  I can put in Tim's arms and Tim doesn't really move he'll just hold him,” said Robyn Dobos, Tim’s wife.

There are more little feat running around, but former marine Timothy Dobos says he has slowly been losing movement in his.

"Symptoms start out by just a weakness a generalized weakness,” said Tim.

The marine that served in Kuwait was diagnosed with the neurodegenerative disease ALS back in 2013 after he left the service.

"I didn't think anything was wrong I thought I was getting out of shape from being in the military,” explained Tim.

Now in a wheelchair, Timothy can't get around like he used to. His wheelchair doesn't fit into his son's bedroom.

"He usually stops right here and just sticks his head in the door," add Robyn.

Pretty soon Timothy won't have to worry about getting around his house in his wheelchair because this will be his new home. It's being built for him and his needs because he served our country.

This project would have cost the couple nearly $500,000 to build on their own thanks to the national nonprofit organization ‘Homes For Our Troops.’  It's free.

This weekend volunteers will head to Lock Haven University to kickoff construction. The Dobos family hope to be in their new home by the end of the year.


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