Active Shooter Symposium in Monroe County

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TANNERSVILLE -- In the first minutes of most shooting situations, the only people present are you, other witnesses, and the shooter.

So what do you do?

It's what a room of people learned during an FBI Active Shooting Symposium at Northampton Community College in Tannersville: how to plan for an emergency.

"A lot of people have not yet realized how important it is. These shootings are happening much more frequently," said Sean Quinn, FBI Supervisory Special Agent.

FBI agents tell us the number of mass shooting has drastically gone up since 2013.

People here learned when it's best to run, hide, or fight back.

Gloria Green is a chaplain at Pocono Medical Center. She came to learn how to protect herself and people in her building.

"We know just in our area alone these types of incidents have risen and we see traumatic incidents every day so we just hope to learn basic steps," said Gloria Green, Pocono Medical Center chaplain.

At Northampton Community College, they have what is called an alert beacon which lets people know all throughout the campus if there is an emergency.

Matt Connell is the dean at the campus in Monroe County.

"We never, we hope this never happens but we would not be doing what we were supposed to be doing if we didn't plan for some of these things," said Matt Connell, Northampton Community College Dean.

Albert Compoly from Middle Smithfield Township is a retired veteran. He still has a gun permit and came to learn how he can help.

"You need to have as much knowledge as you can and know about different scenarios before something actually happens in case you find yourself in that situation," said Albert Compoly, Middle Smithfield Township.


  • DUH

    The article is not meant to tell you all that! That’s why you go to the class!! The article is just telling you the news… that there is classes out there to go to and learn. That is like saying you saw an article or commercial about college graduation but it did not tell you what you need to learn to graduate college. Duh… go to college to learn.

  • Valfreyja

    “You need to have as much knowledge as you can and know about different scenarios before something actually happens…”

    Says the article that gave us exactly ZERO information about how to react. What bot wrote this “article”? Please tell me no one was paid for this!?

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