Police Investigating ATM Card Skimmers in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Scranton police are looking for three men caught on camera twice stealing bank information from folks who used an ATM in Scranton.

Officers say they used "card skimmer" technology to take other people's card information.

What concerns bank officials most is that there is little they can do to prevent the devices from being used or detected.

Officials from Penn East Federal Credit Union on North Seventh Avenue say the same group of three men pulled up to the ATM on two different days this month. Each time, they installed that card skimming technology and left it there for several hours.

The credit union only realized it was happening after members started calling about fraudulent charges on their accounts.

Katelyn McManamon from Penn East Federal Credit Union showed us the surveillance video from the branch on North Seventh Avenue in Scranton.

Video from Sunday morning, May 8, shows three men in a car and the driver seemingly teaching one of his passengers how to install what's called a card skimmer. Then they place a panel over the ATM that has a camera and can record users putting in their PIN numbers.

McManamon says it was well disguised.

"The light, they actually have a light that looks like this that they put in and that was the damage that they caused taking it off."

The men returned to the same ATM on May 16 and used the same two pieces of technology.

Credit union officials say short of catching them in the act, there's little that can be done. And it would be tough for ATM users to know the crooks had been here.

"That is probably the most frightening part, is that you would never know that this ATM had been skimmed. There was absolutely no indication that there was anything going on at this ATM," said McManamon.

Penn East says it has notified all of its members, more than 70 in all, who used the ATM at the North Seventh Avenue branch during those two days. They can't keep track of people who used different bank cards at this location.

If you think you might be at risk, you're asked to call your bank.

If you think you recognize the men in the video, you're asked to call Scranton Police.


  • Joseph Chun

    So the bank has a camera at the drive through ATM but it doesn’t capture the car or the plate? Who’s responsible for that idiotic security set up?

  • dontskimmebro

    Why not show us all what these skimmers look like and what to look for when we go use a machine so if we see a skimmer we can call the cops or smash it or what ever? Just warning us AFTER the fact is not stopping anything.

  • clifton h wright

    why cant the bnks install small cameras that record car tags at the same time as the transations,,,they could have the car tags at the same time as they have the pic face of the perp…

  • Scott Davenport

    Wouldn’t it be nice if drive-thru banks had a camera to catch the liscence plate of those going through as a bit of extra protection? The turnpike has been using such technology for years.

  • Michael

    I do private investigation work from time to time, I’m a retired police officer. I may be able to give the police some tips on this one. Look at the picture of this guy, remember the hat. Go and check surveillance footage Mohegan Sun casino from the time shortly after this incident. I’m willing to bet that you see someone fitting his description and wearing the same hat. You may catch you’re guy.

  • Katelyn

    If people like this put as much effort into getting a real job as they do coming up with new ways to rip off hard working folks like us, they wouldn’t end up on the news like a bunch of douchebags

    • Donna

      I was a victim of this last week. The only ATMs I use are in the Plains/Wilkes-Barre area. I am wondering if anyone else in this area had also been skimmed.

  • Guest

    It’s a bank. There’s cameras everywhere. Can’t they just match the time stamp of the footage they showed with on of the car approaching, and run the plate? If there’s not a camera facing the ATM; install one. Wouldn’t cost that much money.

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