‘We Lost Two Family Members:’ Charges Filed in Deadly Wreck

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FELL TOWNSHIP -- Police in Lackawanna County issued an arrest warrant for a man formerly of Simpson.  Dwight Sharp has been charged for a crash that killed his girlfriend back in December.

Flowers, mementos, and a picture of Jennifer McClinton have hung on Main Street near Simpson since December. And they will remain there.

McClinton's family members admit that even though months have passed since her death, the latest news in McClinton's case brings them little closure.

Jennifer McClinton's boyfriend of five years, Dwight Sharp, has been charged with homicide by motor vehicle and DUI for the crash the killed McClinton.

They were driving on Main Street less than half a mile from the apartment home the couple shared for two years with McClinton's cousin Alicia Kitchen.

"We all still care about him. We love him. We know that this wasn't done on purpose, by any means. It's difficult. It's kind of like we lost two family members instead of just one," Kitchen said.

McClinton's family told Newswatch 16 that though they care for Sharp, they have lost touch with him since the crash in December.

Kitchen said the couple was drinking at a party in Carbondale before the crash.

According to court papers, Sharp was going 68 miles an hour in a 25 mile an hour zone. Tests showed his blood-alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit.

For McClinton's family, justice comes at a price and with a warning about the dangers of drunk driving.

"She was probably the goofiest, best person I've ever come across in my life and I'm thankful that I've gotten to spend this past two years with her and my family misses her dearly," Kitchen said.

Sharp turned himself in to police in New Jersey Tuesday evening. There is no word when Dwight Sharp will appear in Lackawanna County court.


  • Lind McClinton

    Excuse my comment Auto–correct changed words. The statements that were made were from Alicia Kitchen not the McClinton family. Retract that it was from the McClinton family. The statement I gave for the story is this…..On December 6th of last year our world was turned upside down, our Beautiful daughter Jennifer McClinton was taken from us without warning and without the opportunity to even say goodbye. Since then, It is like we have been living in a constant nightmare & we have been given no opportunity to even begin to start healing or even comprehend our loss because almost a half a year has gone by and we still do not have answers. There are no words to adequately describe how much was taken from us & it is nearly impossible to even explain how much Jennifer has been missed and will always be missed. Every second of every day has been a struggle for our family and her friends. Jennifer was the sunshine that brightened our days, she had the ability to lift our spirits just by walking into the room. If you had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer for just 5 minutes, you knew immediately that you just made a sincere and trusted friend for life. As for Dwight Sharp. He was apart of our family for several years. We know the accident was not on purpose and that he didn’t mean for this to happen. He loved her, it is a tragedy that this occurred. Thank You.

    • Unknown

      We loved both dearly but it’s a tragedy to know one could speed and also blame the girlfriend when she can’t defend herself. They were 2 adults that made the wrong choices in life. Unfortunately one life has been lost forever💔

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