Monroe County Recycling Centers at Risk of Closing

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- The illegal dumping at two Monroe County recycling sites has become so bad officials are threatening to shut them down.

We stopped by a center in Stroud Township to talk to people who have had enough.

While we were there, one person had to be told by waste officials he was not dumping his trash properly.

Piles of trash don't belong at the recycling center in Analomink. It's a constant problem people there are seeing.

"I think we all need to have a certain level of social responsibility and when we take advantage we impact services for everyone," said Alberto Cardelle, Stroudsburg.

Because of illegal dumping, officials with the Monroe County Municipal Waste Authority are now considering closing down this recycling location and a second one in Swiftwater.

Bill Sherman from East Stroudsburg uses this center frequently.

"It's going to hurt us all. They are talking about closing it and if they close it, then we will all be paying for it to be picked up at our house," said Bill Sherman, East Stroudsburg.

Municipal Waste Authority police tell us they feel like they have done all they can to stop people from illegally dumping.

In 2014, security cameras were put up and someone tore them down.

This year, warning signs are being ignored.

"It's very frustrating because you do have people this site is very valuable to and we are not seeing a significant change," said Capt. Jacqueline Bagu, Municipal Waste Authority Police.

It's trash like televisions and garbage bags that are putting this place at risk of being shut down. Those who use this recycling site tell us it's not fair and hope people get their act together.

Walter Halecki from East Stroudsburg doesn't want to see the recycling center close and has a message for those who illegally dump.

"If you don't do it in your own hometown, why do it here? That's what I would say. It's a great thing to recycle," said Walter Halecki, East Stroudsburg.

"This is a great service to the community and a great service to the environment. If we are going to try and increase our services and be sustainable then these kinds of services are critical and it's too bad that people take advantage of that," said Cardelle.

Authorities urge people who see illegal dumping taking place to contact waste management officials.