School Bathroom Issue Draws Mixed Reaction

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WILKES-BARRE -- President Obama has a message for public schools across the country: end gender discrimination in bathrooms or lose federal funding.

A letter is being sent out to all public school districts in the country.

The directive, signed by the education and justice departments, includes access to bathrooms and locker rooms.

Schools that do not obey the law could be sued or lose federal money.

Newswatch 16 called several school districts across the Wyoming Valley.

Crestwood School District Superintendent Joseph Gorham issued this statement:

 "Crestwood has not encountered the need thus far for making arrangements to accommodate transgendered individuals, but in the spirit of acceptance of all students; we will certainly address any concerns that may arise by ensuring that all students are treated fairly and with the same respect and dignity that we afford to each and every individual student here at Crestwood."

But some parents had mixed reactions.

One woman told Newswatch16 she does not feel that she is discriminating. She simply does not want her daughter in the bathroom with a transgender person.

Dale Deitrick has a grandson in eight grade at GAR Junior Senior High School in Wilkes-Barre.

"Oh, brother," Deitrick laughed. "Yeah, it worries! Yoy!"

Deitrick admits he's worried because he's not familiar with transgender students or anyone who is transgender. But  Wilkes-Barre Area school officials say they are.

"This is not anything new with our district," said student services director Rochelle Koury. "We've been extremely proactive."

The Wilkes-Barre Area School District has a handful of transgender students. All teachers and students receive diversity training. And every building throughout the Wilkes-Barre Area School District has gender-neutral bathrooms.

"All of our students are aware that we do have some transgender students within the district, and everyone is extremely accepting of everyone's rights," Koury said.

But one member of the NEPA Rainbow Alliance, who is also a stepmom, points out most people have probably been in the bathroom with a transgender person and never even realized it.

"I certainly think they should comply to keep everyone safe and comfortable," said Kelly Novakowski, NEPA Rainbow Alliance co-chair. "On the other hand, I never want to see someone's funding getting pulled. I would say that as an organization, the NEPA RAINBOW alliance is happy to offer education to any school system or school districts that would want our assistance with that."

Novakowski also thinks once the initial shock of the letter blows over, people might be more accepting of transgender people.


  • Marjorie Woodrow

    I think, every one should oppose this, all they have to do, is make a single use bathroom, available,like is in a lot of public places ,Like hospitals and such, that are marked male-female. There can’t be that many of them, that the whole country has to share with them.HOW DO THE MEN FEEL ABOUT THIS??? I haven’t seen any opinion on that, I would think they don’t want women peering at Thier business either.!😡???😡EVERYONE STAND UP !!!!🏆

  • jbrony69

    “Novakowski (who is also a step-mom) also thinks once the initial shock of the letter blows over, people might be more accepting of transgender people.” Yeah, she’s right. All it took was Obozo to blackmail and extort the schools that we pay taxes for to set things right. Great way to win people over to acceptance.

  • farmlady

    Well what about Obama kid’s oh gee I forgot they go to a private school and they get no funding. Idiot

  • nikk

    Sorry to tell you this but unless your doing cup checks at the door your not going to pick out a transgender individual. If I were to follow my birth certificate for the bathroom I use I’d have the cops called on me every time. Everyone has most likely been in a bathroom with a transgender person, but surprise, you don’t know it, it’s not like they go in and scream to everyone they are transgender, they wanna use the restroom and get the hell out. Not to mention, you can put a law in effect all you want, it won’t stop the wrong people from breaking such a law, it’s like gun laws, bad guys still get guns. Don’t blame one groups wrong doings on another group, that’s messed up.


    Trump, we need you so bad brother.
    Libs have gone wild too long.
    Give us back our Rights.

  • Jan

    I don’t think I’ve ever been in a bathroom with anyone I’d imagine was “transgender.” Everyone’s acting as if a swarm of dudes in wigs are attacking their families as we speak.. Chill out and give it time..

  • jimbrony

    Just when you think Obozo couldn’t stoop any lower and cause more division in this country. And some people still think he’s doing a great job. So he went on a temper tantrum and stomped his feet when he couldn’t take our guns away, now he’s whittling away what little privacy and decency we have left. What a loon.

  • Dylan

    If your Are a man and attempt to follow my daughters or wife into ANY bathroom, locker room or fitting room- I WILL NOT ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN!! You can call me insensitive, a bigot or ANY of the plethora of names that the liberal control freaks use to distract from the truth I do not care. I WILL NOT ALLOW THIS AND I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU “IDENTIFY” AS!! The time to stand and fight for what’s right has arrived. The comfort and convenience of a vast abhorrent minority should NOT cause the rest of us to be held hostage and made uncomfortable. Sitting Idly by on the sidelines while things like this simply happen and we shake our heads in disgust and say ” What’re ya gonna do” is no longer an option. Stand up for your beliefs. Don’t allow this. Pull your children OUT of public schools (there are many options nowadays). Simply say NO to this Tyranny.

    • San

      Calm down there bud.. Don’t blow a gasket.. You don’t even know the depth of the situation.. Personally I’ve been around and have only seen maybe three or four “trans” people.. I think everyone is thinking absolute worst case but it’s not going to be how you think.. Give it a second to breathe..

      • jimbrony

        Once the genie is out of the bottle it’s difficult to put back. Personally I’m not concerned about the people that are mentally ill and think they are ‘transgender’. It’s the voyeurs, creepers, pedo’s, and sexually violent predators that you just allowed in the same bathroom as your daughter, wife, granddaughter, niece, aunt, etc. If you’re OK with that, then I guess there’s nothing to care about then.

      • Forgot what name I put..

        Though I don’t agree with the mentally ill comment, I agree about the pedos and sick scums out there who will abuse this situation.. And for that I don’t think this is the right move unless you’re willing to make for bathroom attendants in every rest room to monitor which is pretty unrealistic…

  • Dave

    Obama wants to divide us on all levels, guns, race, and now this unbelievable stance.
    He is working for a cause against the USA.
    United we stand divide we fall.

    • Al

      Divide us how? By showing that the white race has been abusing others all throughout history? By stopping the hate against gays? By trying to keep schools from getting shot up?

      Sounds like a real jerk…

      • jimbrony

        He is. If you can’t see the division he has caused, you need better glasses. Like a coward or a bully, he attacks the things he thinks he can with the least resistance. ‘If I don’t get my way, I’m pulling your funding’. Sounds like extortion if you ask me.

  • Dylan

    “MIXED REACTION”????? FROM WHO?? Seems to me that the VAST majority are against this so……NOTHING “MIXED” about it. STOP PUSHING THE LIBERAL AGENDA!!!!!!!!!

    • Hahahahaha take that Christians

      Liberal Agenda vs. Bible Banging….

      Hmmm.. Ironic.. Cry all you want.. This is life now :)

      • Dylan

        Who’s Bible banging?? Troll Much. This is NOT “life now” simply because a bunch of abhorrent freaks think it is.

      • jimbrony

        Have a good laugh now. I’ve got news for you – in the end – the Christians win. The REAL funny part, you won’t realize you’ve made a mistake until it’s too late. So, that said – repent while there’s still time, or enjoy your eternity in hell. Your choice. If I’m wrong, I’ll buy you a drink in the afterlife. If you’re wrong, well, sorry.

  • Batman

    At what age should kids simply be allowed to be kids without adults and the government trying to make them into more than they are? My job is to raise my kids to be the best that they can be, and hopefully accepting enough to allow other people to do the same. Regardless of your stance, the government threatening “the people” should not be tolerated, whether it be Obama, Clinton, Trump, Sanders, …….. doing the threatening.

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