Kiwanis Club Hopes to Win Thousands to Update Park

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MONTOURSVILLE -- Equipment that's over 30 years old at a park in Lycoming County could be replaced, but first Montoursville borough needs the money to replace it.

Skip Stackhouse, a volunteer at Indian Park in Montoursville is helping the borough preserve the park with a few cans of paint and a ladder.

"We just put the roof on because of the weather ruining the Indian," said Stackhouse.

Folks like Jule Hanford and her granddaughter Everly come to the park.

"We come here to play but we always go to the newer one. First of all, it's bright and colorful for her, and it's I know it's safe," said Hanford.

The borough is working to upgrade equipment, but just one walk around the park and you'll see there is still room for improvement.

"We're unsure how old it is. I know I played on it when I played on it at the elementary school over 20 years ago," said Kiwanis Club member Erik Houser.

A big metal fire truck on the north side of the park has been around for years.

"This grandma played on that fire truck, so did both of my kids and my granddaughter. Yeah, she plays on it," said Hanford.

Kiwanis Club members in Montoursville want to replace the truck and other outdated equipment but need the money to do it. That's where the community comes in.

"The last I checked this morning and we received 270 votes," said Houser.

With enough votes, Kiwanis Club could win $25,000 worth of playground equipment through Legacy of Play, an international contest through Kiwanis International and Landscape Structures.

"I think it's time to get all the equipment upgraded and safer stuff. Lots of kids use this park," Hanford added.

As for the fire truck, Kiwanis Club members may donate it to Montoursville Volunteer Fire Department if they win the contest which ends later this month.

You can vote for Montoursville Indian Park in the Legacy of Play contest by clicking here.

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