Teachers in Line Mountain School District to Strike

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Teachers in the Line Mountain School District in Northumberland County will hit the picket line beginning Thursday.

According to the district’s website, the school board voted Wednesday night not to accept an arbitrator’s report.

So, teachers will hit the picket lines Thursday, May 12.

District officials believe the strike can only last six days. Teachers need to go back to class on Friday, May 20.

Unusual in this strike, all seniors at Line Mountain High School must still report to school every day of the strike at 8:30 in the morning.

There will not be any busing though.

Students at Northumberland County Career and Technology Center will also have classes during the strike.

There will be buses for those students.

District officials say the junior-senior prom will not be affected by the strike.

The graduation date for seniors is still June 17.


  • jim

    Attention teachers 401k here contribute to my benefits …we are 20th in the world in education and sinking….as the school board to redirect some of that money away from sports and put it back in to real studies

  • Sarcasm

    Just give all these teachers what they want: $100k salaries, free healthcare, 100% taxpayer-funded pensions, a school supply stipend, unlimited vacation day, and shorten the school year to 120 days. These are not unreasonable demands!

    • Sarcasm

      Learn to control your classroom and stop blaming other people. Misbehaving students are nothing new. We all had strict teachers that students knew not to mess with.

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