Fox Attacks At Least Two People Near Hazleton

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HAZLE TOWNSHIP -- People who live along Old Street in Hazle Township are used to seeing wild animals roam in their yards, but a crazed fox that attacked at least two people has left the community in shivers.

Melissa Wilkinson was doing yard work with her 13-year-old son, who was in between his home-cyber school classes Wednesday, when all of a sudden, a fox came and bit his shoe.

“It just grabbed onto my shoe and wouldn't let go!” said her son Timothy.

Soon after, an 86-year-old man relaxing in his back yard nearby and doing some gardening was also attacked. He was able to fling the fox off his body, but fell and was then rushed to the hospital.

Then several neighbors tried killing the fox. Eventually, someone ran it over with a pickup truck, and it died. The Pennsylvania Game Commission then came to take it away.

The game commission says this is not normal behavior for a fox. Officials from the game commission say the fox didn't look sick, but rabies test results could come back as early as Thursday.

More information on rabies and wild animals can be found at the CDC website here.


  • Chilly

    Sounds like a crazed mother protecting her young. The mower could have got too close and she panicked. Going after every suspected threat. If it comes out negative for rabies, hope game control can identify the sex.

  • chester bugaski

    “In between classes”. Uh huh. Working in the yard. Does anyone monitor cyber kids schooling? How about a story on that.

    • Miley

      My child at one time has done cyber school. They do have these break. How about a story on people with no compassion in the world.

    • Joy

      Had to homeschool 2 of my children because of health reasons and yes they get breaks. Cyber Schooling is a lot more strict than home schooling. The student must be logged on and actively participating. But they get breaks just like any other school does….my other 2 in regular school had more breaks than my cyber schooled kids when you counted study halls and lunch!

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