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Calf Carcasses Found in Wayne County

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PRESTON TOWNSHIP -- A gruesome discovery was made in northern Wayne County Monday.

The owner of a property along Lepro Martin Road in Preston Township found something foul.

The carcasses of two calves were discovered in an old building foundation. The flies are still here and so are the carcasses.

"It's highly unusual," said neighbor Robert Handloff.

Neighbors didn't notice the dead calves but said dumping like this does not typically happen here in farm country.

"It's highly suspicious that someone should kill two calves and leave them," said Handloff.

Judging by the amount of decomposition, the calves' bodies were dumped here within the last week or so, according to humane officials.

Humane officer Marlene Metzger isn't necessarily investigating a cruelty case. The carcasses are too decomposed to figure out how the animals died.

"Farmers usually dispose of their animals along with the dead animal restrictions, not usually an issue," she said.

The culprit or culprits could face charges including trespassing and littering and improper disposal of the remains.

"If we can find out who, that'd be great. If not, lesson learned by everyone else," she said.

Anyone with information about the calves should call the Dessin Animal Shelter at (570) 253-4037 to speak with Metzger.


  • Lloyd "spare me" Schmucatelli

    Gruesome? Don’t 50,000+ cows die a day in this country to keep our drive-thrus well stocked?

    Another non-news news story. If wbres website didn’t suck so bad, I’d go there.

  • Ron Sabitsky

    haha what a bunch of hysterical crap . calves die all the time during normal farming . sometimes for various reasons they are taken to the woods and return to the dirt. its not gruesome or cruel . get a hold of yourselves wnep and stop creating fake news please

  • jerky

    Now are we sure these are dead calves this time and not dead puppies or dead foxes? Or should we waste money and send them to harrisburg for testing?

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