Bill Would Allow Local Police to Use Radar Guns

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WYOMING -- Pennsylvania is the only state in the U.S. that prohibits local police from using radar guns to enforce speed limits.

There's now a push in Harrisburg to change that.

A bill to change that is making its way through the state legislature, but not everyone is on board with the plan.

On Pettebone Street in the borough of Wyoming, driver after driver tops the 35 mph speed limit on Wyoming Avenue.

In Wyoming, police use lines painted on the road and a timer or a stopwatch to calculate a driver's speed. But those methods are less accurate and more time consuming than using a radar gun.

In Pennsylvania, only state police can use radar guns.

"Any tools that we could have available to us should be available to us," said Wyoming Police Commissioner Mike Flanagan.

In Harrisburg, the senate transportation committee voted for a bill that would make radar available to all police in Pennsylvania.

"If the state police could have it, I think the locals should have it because they're around more than the state police are," said Mike Kolessar of West Wyoming.

The cost for a radar gun could be about $2,000.

"I think it'd be a waste," said Al Kenny of Lake Ariel. "I don't think people speed down here, that much. There's no place to speed."

"It absolutely is a money maker, more money in their coffers!" said Ted Reichart of Exeter.

Police point out that municipalities often limit how much revenue can come from traffic tickets.

"It's time that we get up with the program, come up to speed, so to say, with technology," said Flanagan.

Now that the senate transportation committee has approved the bill, it will now go to the full state senate for a vote. There is no word on when that might be.


  • Scott Beck

    The BIG MONEY behind this is the Auto Insurance Industry. One speeding ticket and they can double your insurance premiums. They want this bad….PA Auto Insurance Rates are some of the lowest (and least profitable) in the US. LOCAL RADAR…good for Insurance Industry, BAD for PA Drivers!

    • Absolute_doll

      Yes! Who controls lowest rates of auto insurance? STATE. Who controls speed limit? STATE. Now who’s going to start controlling local authority? STATE!!!! See people where this is going! In your State’s politicians pockets where the money’s disappearing and they can’t agree on a budget ….. IT IS ABOUT CONTROL AND MONEY

  • LinuxGuy

    Did you know if there are multiple cars on a road, radar cannot even tell which one made the reading? Isn’t that nice? Maybe none of them did. Pull up Radargate Revisited to see some of the many errors.

  • D. Hough

    How often will the RADAR guns be calibrated? “When was the RADAR Gun last calibrated”, will be the first question at traffic court.

    • LinuxGuy

      They are calibrated once per year, BUT there have been cases where the guns are not checked out that often. North Carolina tossed a pile of tickets already. Radar has many errors and can also clock the wrong car. Do a search for Radargate Revisited and be amazed!

  • laughing at pa

    lol, as expected the idiots here are driving the wrong way on the highways and PA pushes for local radar guns! get out before the stupidity takes you over and theres still hope left!

    • LinuxGuy

      Nice to see the priority. Simple spike strips to flatten tires if you go the wrong way work. Go the right way, OK, no issues.

  • Pliska

    The ONLY state in the union who doesn’t permit it. Typical Pennsylvania, twenty years behind the times. If you obey the speed limit you have nothing to worry about comrades.

  • Don't Phase Me Bro

    Highway robbery money making scam.

    Resources and money would be better spent on investigating mrders and robberies.

  • I Am The Antipope

    If this is allowed, can civilians use their own radar and lidar guns to measure cops’ speed and bring the cops into court?

    • LinuxGuy

      Cops exceed ALL speed limits they see, many times by a LOT! There have been news stories about cops and judges speeding WELL above the speed limit. Do as I say, not as I do. This shows how silly the speed limits are.

  • LinuxGuy

    Speed limits are too LOW now, some tickets will go out at +6 mph over the limit, and radar makes many errors. Are you OK with this? Why are speed limits not posted at the 85th percentile free-flowing traffic speed? Cha-ching!

    Check out the National Motorists Association for unbiased driving news.

  • Absolute_doll

    And where is the funding coming from to PAY 4 these Radar guns at $2000/each? And multiply the inflated egos for each assumuming speeding vehicle or um bicycle 😉 Should we count the pedestrians I mean joggers/runners too then? I didn’t realize that we finally passed a state budget! Lmao…….

  • E

    Awwww how sad the drunken locals will now be in danger from local cops when they are “bar hopping” every night of the week. “Let’s get drunk and drive from bar to bar as fast as we can while pretending we’re race car drivers” lol. Or you’ve got the same situation with wanna be rebels on their motorcycles. This is going to be hilarious ha ha ha! Oppression of the working man! :)

  • Cowboy33

    It’s a money maker? Only if people speed. Dont speed and then there is no money generated.

    If Wilkes-Barre can make paraphernalia an ordinance and state it will make them money, why not this?

    • LinuxGuy

      If speed limits were posted correctly at the 85th percentile free-flowing traffic speed, we would be safer. You get “speeders” when limits are deliberately underposted. Unsafe to underpost.

  • caps not on

    Bad idea bastards don’t have quotas either …and municipalities limit how much revenue they can get BS. With all the distressed city’s out here I smell a money maker.

  • billy

    The municipality gets $12.50 per traffic citation, state gets the rest. Doesn’t sound like a money maker to me..

    • LinuxGuy

      Wrong, your figure is too low. Also, a TON of entities will profit off of radar. It’s all about the money. That is why the speed limits are so low.

      • Roy

        Figure is exact. PA has this big conspiracy to profit from speeders, that’s why the limit is low. You’ve got it all figured out!

  • Meh

    Just another tax on the money cattle (us). youll have every wannabe part timer hiding in every side street from one end of the state to the other pulling anyone going 2 mph over the limit over… $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Scott Beck

    We don’t need this here in PA. Why do we need to do what other states do. It is a money-making scam. Maybe if we didn’t have the level of corruption that we do. Bad, bad idea. There is not proof that radar guns prevent deaths or even accidents.

    • Pliska

      Other states? You mean all 49 of the other states. You stay living in the 1970’s my friend, good times, good times.

      • Scott Beck

        The BIG MONEY behind this is the Auto Insurance Industry. One speeding ticket and they can double your insurance premiums. They want this bad….PA Auto Insurance Rates are some of the lowest (and least profitable) in the US. LOCAL RADAR…good for Insurance Industry, BAD for PA Drivers!

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