Bear Trap Placed After Man Charged with Trying to Poison Bears

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CLEVELAND TOWNSHIP -- The Pennsylvania Game Commission is now trying to trap a bear that has been causing some problems in a neighborhood in Columbia County.

Earlier this week, Marvin W. Johnson, 76, was charged for allegedly trying to poison the bears with antifreeze after they damaged his barn and property on Happy Valley Road near Elysburg.

Johnson said he asked the game commission to trap the bears and move them someplace else, but the game commission told him no.

According to the game commission, an officer told Johnson that a birdfeeder and other food items on his property were likely attracting bears and advised him to remove them.

Instead, game commission officials say Johnson tried to bait and poison the bears.

On Monday, officers said they set up a trap since neighbors, along with the man charged, have gotten rid of food, such as bird feeders, on their properties.

So far, no bears have been caught. The game commission said any bears caught will be tranquilized and moved to state game lands.


  • Tj

    Well if it is the same guy that was on the news about a month ago he asked the game commission to do something about it and they wouldn’t so therefore that’s not his problem I would have shot the dam things. Animals got more rites than people any more it is a bit ridiculous but hey we need a few more tree huggers run this country and making laws

  • the duke of campbell's ledge

    The north american black bear should count.
    They need a place to live to, now let’s think really hard why
    do these bears wander astray more and more each year?

  • Capt Bogart

    We have started to see a lot of bears coming into town lately. A few years ago the Game Commission open a new dead deer pit not far from town. Not sure if that’s the problem now, but the Game Commission told us back then they could do nothing. We are all waiting to see who gets mauled.

  • Thelma

    This man Should be very concerned if dead animals start being discovered .. And if they are discovered , the game commission needs to be called right away .. Then maybe he will serve the 6 months in prison that he deserved !!! What a cruel way to die .. He should have taste tested it before he put it out !

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