Rain Causing ‘Terribly Unusual’ Spring Sports Schedules

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LUZERNE COUNTY -- Mother Nature is yet again proving she doesn't care too much for baseball and other spring sports. She brought in a week-long bout of rainy weather, causing dozens of high school sporting events to be postponed.

With school ending next month and playoffs in about two weeks, time to reschedule the games is running out.

"It's difficult on our teams and the teams we're going to play," said Wyoming Seminary Athletic Director Karen Klassner.

Wet weather caused muddy grass on the fields at Wyoming Valley West. The school district athletic director calling this week, "terribly unusual."

It's a similar situation at the soaked fields where a baseball team from the Wilkes-Barre Area School District plays.

The only activity at the field in the Barney Farms section of Wilkes-Barre was a couple geese playing. Wyoming Seminary was supposed to play Meyers but it's just too wet.

"We had to postpone the game until May 16, that's 10 days from now!" Klassner exclaimed. "That's how backed up Meyers is. We're only backed up today's game."

Only Friday's game, because Wyoming Seminary has a full turf surface at Nesbitt Stadium which kids can play on even in the rain.  It doesn't get muddy or too slick.

The school has also been able to switch several away baseball games to their home field, but most school teams aren't as lucky.

"It's a tough time but you have to deal with it. You roll with everything is what happens," Klassner added.

Many of the school districts in the Wyoming Valley hope to get back on track with their schedules, and right now, they're just praying for sunshine.

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