Locals React to Latest Paterno Allegation

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SOUTH CENTRE TOWNSHIP -- In a lawsuit involving Penn State University and its old insurance company, one line revealed that Coach Joe Paterno knew about Jerry Sandusky molesting underage boys long before previously knowing.

Before this recent court paperwork, the earliest known allegations against Jerry Sandusky were in 1988. But now, court filings show Joe Paterno may have known about allegations as early as 1976.

Jerry Sandusky is serving 30 to 60 years in prison after being convicted of molesting multiple boys.

People's opinions on the late Joe Paterno differ, starting with Mitch Knorr, who played in a football camp with Sandusky when Knorr was in high school.

"[Joe Paterno is] still one of the best college football coaches out there," said Knorr of Bloomsburg. "You can't take that away from him. He might have known some bad things but he's still the best. He always will be!"

Then there were several sets of parents and grandparents of Penn State students at Scoreboard Sports Tavern in the Lime Ridge area of Columbia County.

"I think he was responsible and I don't think he carried through like he should have," said Dick Svhetler of Lime Ridge. "I'm a Penn State guy, but I think he was wrong for what he did or what he didn't do."

"I don't think he knew about all of it, but he knew some of it," said Linda Boone of Orangeville.

"He is an icon," added Jody Boone. "Nothing is going to change that!"

The family of Joe Paterno released the following statement:

Because of a single sentence in a court record of an insurance case, Joe Paterno's reputation has once again been smeared with an unsubstantiated, 40-year-old allegation.  In response to this allegation and the subsequent media hype, the Paterno family is demanding a full public review of the facts.

From day one, Joe Paterno and his family have called for an objective and total pursuit of the truth with a full respect for due process. In 2011 and 2012, Joe Paterno was subjected to an unprecedented rush to justice by Louis Freeh and the NCAA. Time has proven that the Freeh report was deeply flawed and the unprecedented punitive actions of the ncaa were unjustified. Over the past four and a half years, numerous allegations that were taken as fact when they were initially communicated have been proven false. It is in this context that the latest claim should be viewed.

The reckless, all-out rush to accept accusations as legitimate without a full fair review of the facts, cannot be allowed to happen again. Fighting shadows and rumors on issues that are this significant is a disservice to everyone who cares about the truth. We do not fear the truth, we embrace it. And we will not allow a repeat of what happened before. We challenge anyone with evidence of misconduct to come forward and present their allegations in a process that allows a full, fair review of the evidence.

We will stand by the facts, but we will never accept veiled accusations presented in a context where they cannot be objectively reviewed and analyzed.

If anything has been learned from the Sandusky tragedy it should be that rushed investigations do incredible harm. For once, a fair process should come before conclusions are reached.


  • Scott E Phillips

    How irresponsible of you to publish this garbage. Nothing in that one line or anywhere else, “revealed” what Paterno knew. It is misleading at the least, and probably just another lie. But the truth doesn’t generate many clicks, does it?

  • the duke of campbell's ledge

    Me personally, i always knew something about the guy just was not right.
    From day one, i had the feeling he was hiding something deep inside.

  • l. C.

    If you have to wait 20 30 or 40 years before you drag someone through the mud it should be tough luck to you. That is a fast way to make lots of money and the law should be changed. If someone did that to me I would go immediately to the police not wait until 25 years later. That is just stupid. Let Joe rest or do you want to carry his casket into the court room.


    I loved the man, i now have no respect whatsoever for him.
    And that statue should be made into a urinal.

    • diane sienkiewicz

      Agree 100%. The man left children be molested which carries a scar that lasts a lifetime. I know I am a survivor.

  • Bleepnoid

    JoePa has been elevated as a god. Gods don’t die. JoPa is dead and he was just as crooked as anyone. What will come out of all this, now?

  • Ralph

    Sent my son out of the state, I don’t trust anyone in this state especially you people that go around wanting to help someone, BEWARE OF THE GOOD PEOPLE OF PA. they don’t do it because they care, nothings free here!

  • Gary W. Harper

    Well, duh! I met a third string back in ’73 or ’74 on campus. I asked him how he liked his coaches. He said, “One of them likes little boys!” In asking him about it, he said, “I know it, the whole team knows it; now, you know it.” He said that it was common knowledge. And I asked, “And isn’t anyone doing anything about it?” And he said, “Apparently not!”

    “Does Joe Paterno know?” “What do you think? I don’t know, if Joe knows; but how can he not? How can any of them not? People have gone to them, about it. We all know it — It’s no secret, among us on the team.”

    But no one wants to hear it. I have it in my diary, somewhere.

    This player told me that it was going on before he got there; he had no personal knowledge of it, but that it was all “alleged.” But others had seen things. He also said that the dark humor on the team was, that “these boys are taking one for the team.” He warmed the bench, and stayed on for the scholarship.

    If the prosecutors were really interested in doing their job properly, they would interview every single former player on the team that they could find, since Sandusky got there.


    My only complaint is that I wish they would stop putting Jerry Sandusky’s photo in these articles. His face makes me feel like I have to puke. None of his photos look like a man who feels any remorse for his disgusting acts.


    Joe Paterno may have been a good coach, but he was also a man who kept another man’s dirty secret, turning his back on the kids who were abused by his buddy. Shame on him for that. This all should have come out a long time ago, and then Joe would have been alive to have to account for his actions.

  • caps not on

    They all put precious football …a game…before the welfare of children those are the proven facts Paterno family!

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