Man Charged with Trying to Poison Bear

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CLEVELAND TOWNSHIP – A man from Columbia County was charged Wednesday with trying to kill a bear he said damaged his property.

Marvin W. Johnson, 76, of Cleveland Township was charged with attempting to kill wildlife through the use of poison, placing out food items that might cause bears to congregate, and disturbance of wildlife.

Newswatch 16 talked with Johnson last month when he said a black bear damaged his property.

Officers from the Pennsylvania Game Commission said when they checked out the damage on Johnson's property, they found trays of bread soaked with a substance consistent with antifreeze.

It was found near a barn on his property.


  • Patrick starfish

    This guy is the definition of a sociopath! And obviously would rather pay 4’000$ and watch bird… Hope the bird are worth it. And hope he get some time in a cage!

  • Thelma and Louise

    This man is a menace to society .. No reguard for the Mail lady he tried to molest back in 2008, and then lied about doing it .. (But criminal back round check show he himself plead guilty) !!! The game commission gave him ways to at least try and correct the situation..but why would this man have reguard or respect for animals ?? He has none for humans ..

  • Barbara Vallo

    I had a bear at my feeders 3 times in the past 2 weeks,,, and last night I saw him,,, he knocked over my seed container,,,,, He is Huge ! But I wouldn’t poison him :(

  • ImAReader

    Still have to wonder why no help was available to help this man protect his property yet there is plenty of people involved in protecting this animal who potentially could cause serious injury if it came in contact with this man as he walked in his own yard. As a country dweller, I can understand his actions. And before someone comments, I am a 30-something.

  • multiple corrections

    It’s not a barn, it’s a shed. The door didn’t get damaged. The door is on the front of the shed. The bear tore into the side of the shed. Please be more educated before commenting. Thankyou.

    • J. Deere

      Ever hear of sliding doors? Ever hear of sliding barn doors? Look at the picture and you can see the track in which this “side of the shed” slides to create a variable sized ‘hole’ for entrance or egress. I’d like to hear more about your education. Thanks.

    • justiceserved

      God forbid people think before they act. But he is old school. I know folks his age that poison anything and everything if it becomes a nuisance and worse. And they get away with it most of the time just because it used to be accepted behavior. I am constantly at odds with such people. They think their age gives them license for whatever they feel like doing.

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