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‘Bar Pazzo’ to Open in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- The owners of a well-known Italian restaurant in Luzerne County are opening a restaurant in Scranton

Bar Pazzo is a spinoff of Pazzo restaurant in Luzerne County.  The new place will open soon inside the Connell Building. The building is also home to about 100 apartments.

Downtown living is one of the reasons Bar Pazzo's owners wanted to give downtown Scranton a try.

Behind covered windows on North Washington Avenue in Scranton, you'll find fresh paint, brand new lighting fixtures, and furniture, but the idea to open a second location for Pazzo restaurant is anything but new.

"It always had to be where there's a lot of people. There's 100 people that live upstairs, so we're going to cater to everyone who is downtown," said Sam Agolino.

Part-owner Agolino says he wanted to capitalize on the growing number of people who live in downtown Scranton. The restaurant will share the Connell Building with about 100 downtown residents.

Bar Pazzo's owners first started thinking about opening up in Scranton two years ago. Originally the owners looked at a location a block and a half away on Lackawanna Avenue. They settled on this location in December.

"With what Scranton is doing with First Friday, and in the summer especially, some of the events on the square, you can't ask for a better place than here to frequent," said Jon Tabone.

Bar Pazzo will share the Connell's first floor with other businesses, too, some veterans and some new to the downtown, like The Darling Dress.

"A lot of people ask me, 'Why do you want to be downtown? There's not too much going on down there, and it's expensive.' But then I found this space and I absolutely fell in love with it. I just knew it's where I wanted to be," said Victoria Senofonte, The Darling Dress.

Bar Pazzo plans to have a symbiotic relationship with other businesses to help make downtown a destination.

"I think Scranton's starving for something like this," said Agolino. "There's a lot of great restaurants down here already; we're just going to add to that."


  • Atty. John Terrana

    Your reporter just reported on the air regarding this story. Please tell her that she’s totally misprouncing “Pazzo.” She’s says Pazo, as if it has only one “z”. You pronounce “Pazzo” like you pronounce “Pizza”. The double “z” has a “t” sound. It’s pronounced “Patzo”, emphazising the “t”. If you’re a N.E. Pa station, you should know that, since there’s such a huge Italian-American population here.

    • bobc74

      And St. Patrick’s Day should be abbreviated St. PADDY’S Day. But I don’t freak out when people people say or write St. Patty’s Day.

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