New Speed Limit, Same Rules

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LUZERNE COUNTY -- State police are enforcing a new speed limit across most of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  On all of the northeast extension of the turnpike (I-476) from Luzerne County to Carbon County, the new 70 miles per hour signs were posted by noon on Tuesday.

Some drivers who see the new 70 mph speed limit signs believe police won't actually pull you over for going just a little over the posted limit.

"I was actually told that most of the time, the state police will let you go for 8 over," said David Himebeck in Carbon County.

"At 71 miles per hour, you could be ticketed in the state of Pennsylvania," said Cpl. Jeremy Franklin with Troop T.

Under Pennsylvania law, if state police are using a radar gun for speed enforcement, they have to wait until you are six miles over the posted speed limit signs to pull you over.

However, if they are following you, they can pull you over and ticket you for anything over the posted speed limit sign.

So while going faster than 70 will open you up to getting pulled over and possibly ticketed, state police warn even going the posted speed limit in bad weather conditions could also land you in some trouble.

"Let's say now there is a downpour and you are doing 70. If you wreck because you are going 70 and you hit a puddle of water, that is still on you. You can still be cited then for driving too fast under the conditions," said Cpl. Franklin.


  • LinuxGuy

    Since all the numbers are crammed together a cop could not even tell a 1 mph difference.

  • LinuxGuy

    Nonsense! A 71 mph ticket would get laughed out of court. The cop’s speedometer is not even that accurate. Neither is the one in your car. I think they should ticket the cops who all drive 80 in the 55 zones! Jokers! Ever hear of setting speed limits to the 85th percentile free-flowing traffic speed?

    Check out the National Motorists Association.

  • Karlsharley

    PSP actually doing speed enforcement? HA HA HA! Hey Cpl. Jeremy Franklin with Troop T, you are so full of it, it makes me sick. You guys dished out the same crap when the 65 mph limit came to be. Yet people are driving 80+ all the time. Why don’t you just sell your radar guns and half of your pretty new cars and give the taxpayers a refund for equipment over-purchases?

  • jake

    Tried to post a comment, stupid WNEP website failed and reloaded. This website is atrocious and loaded with ads.
    Years ago a trooper near Dorrance mailed a citation to someone sliding down an ice hill there. Acted all helpful and then mailed a citation for sliding down an ice hill which closed 1/2 hr later.
    He lost the case at a hearing. Rare occasion where a northeast Pa. corrupt magistrate wasn’t in charge.

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