80-Year-Old Woman Shoots, Kills Intruder Who Stabbed Husband

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SULTAN, Wash. -- An 80-year-old Washington State woman shot and killed a 25-year-old man who had broken into her house and was stabbing her 75-year-old husband Thursday night, the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office said.

The husband was stabbed multiple times in the abdomen, sheriff's spokeswoman Shari Ireton said. He was airlifted to Seattle's Harborview Medical Center and was in stable condition.

The woman called 911 at about 8:30 p.m. from the home in the 13700 block of Woods Lake Road and said "she had shot an intruder after he broke into her home and stabbed her husband," Ireton said.

The suspect, a 25-year-old Gold Bar man, died at the scene.

The woman and the couple's 45-year-old son, who was also in the home at the time of the incident, did not sustain any injuries.

"At this time, detectives do not believe the suspect was known to the residents of the home and that this was an attempted home burglary," Ireton said.

Identification of the suspect, as well as cause and manner of death, will be confirmed by the Snohomish County Medical Examiner.


  • jj

    This women’s life was not in imminent danger. She had no right to take this young man’s life. At the very least, charge her with 2nd degree murder. This gun nonsense needs to stop.

    • shar

      So you would rather watch your husband or child die before protecting them…i feel sorry for your family….

    • John

      Well in a life or death situation it’s either you or him so im pretty sure you’re getting the wrong context here

    • Zane

      Ooo JJ…..I bet your rose colored glasses look so good on you….. Why don’t you go say hi to Hillary, Biden, Feinstein and company for me when you go vote to flush our rights down the toilet this November

    • Shameau

      You must be on the wrong side of the law for sure. You’re an idiot. I know I’m ready to shoot if someone attempts to enter my house with a knife. OR WITHOUT one.I also invested in a laser so I aim to kill.

    • AJ

      This woman’s life was in imminent danger. As well as her husband’s life. This is the problem with people being Anti-Gun. Was she just supposed to sit there and watch her husband get stabbed and wait for the person to stab her? Or call 911? No. That is just stupidity. That man was trespassing and deserved to get his life taken away considering he was trying to do it to other people. I think it’s great an 80yo woman can defend her family.

    • justiceserved

      Gotta love the trolls who make life interesting and post stupid crap on purpose just to get off on themselves. Pity them.

    • Sherry

      Well JJ , I guess she was supposed to wait until the intruder finished off her poor husband & then attacked her before she defended herself& family! smh, something’s seriously wrong with your logic!

    • Dan Wesson

      There is no such thing as minutes away. People live out in the country. Response time to my home would be minimal 20 minutes.

  • Dan Wesson

    Good for her. If she called 911 they would both be dead. Hats off to her.
    I am nothing without my gun
    my gun is nothing without me.
    Bless Her.

  • jimbrony

    What is an 80 YO women doing with a gun? How dare she defend her family and her home! That poor boy that was shot was probably just lost and looking for food, water, and shelter. Stabbing her husband was just an accident… Anti-gunners would rather see this family slaughtered and the drug addict continue his ways than to have citizens defend themselves.

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