Construction Set to Begin on Veterans Memorial Bridge

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SUNBURY -- Upcoming construction on a busy bridge in central Pennsylvania has people getting ready for several months of traffic headaches.

Crews were inspecting the Veterans Memorial Bridge, getting ready for a $1.5 million construction project that starts next week. The bridge that crosses the Susquehanna River was down to one lane on the northbound side, giving drivers a preview of what they can expect over the coming months.

"It's going to be a problem coming over here every day, five days a week," Lori Winder said.

The Veterans Memorial Bridge is the fastest way to get from Sunbury in Northumberland County to Shamokin Dam in Snyder County.

"Pretty much daily, almost," Nathan Sulhan said.

The prep work being done this week is getting the bridge ready for the major work, which is scheduled to start next week. The project includes deck repairs, resurfacing and new expansion dams. In areas where crews are working, traffic will be down to one lane in each direction.

"It's going to be pretty crazy, especially around drive time like it usually is. So just understand it and give yourself some time going to and from wherever you're coming from," Sulhan said.

Some people tell Newswatch 16 that all of the extra traffic on the bridge from the construction will keep them away from the bridge, and they'll just shop at other places.

"I really will because if you're going to be stuck in traffic, it's going to cost you time," Danielle Grantham said.

Danielle Grantham lives in Danville and does not want to be stuck in the traffic if she doesn't have to.

"Williamsport's not that much further. We can go through Lewisburg and down, but that's a big circle, and if I'm going to Lewisburg I might as well shop there," Grantham said.

The repair project on the Veterans Memorial Bridge between Sunbury and Shamokin Dam is scheduled to start next Wednesday and should be finished by early August.

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