Group Commemorates 100th Anniversary of Easter Rising in Ireland

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GIRARDVILLE -- One group gathered in Schuylkill County to commemorate an important part of Irish history lesson on Sunday.

Members of the local Ancient Order of Hibernians marked the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising in Ireland by reenacting the storming of the post office.

The participants dressed up in period clothing to get in character and pay tribute to the leaders of the rising. They then marched on the post office in Girardville.

The revolt is regarded as the most significant insurrection leading up to Ireland’s independence from British rule.

"We're just commemorating what those men have done. Hopefully somewhere along the line, there's a proper political resolution with the North, that Ireland will once again become one nation for everybody, regardless of their ethnic and religious background," said Joseph Wayne, Ancient Order of Hibernians.

Following the reenactment, the group gathered for a reading of the proclamation of the Irish Republic.