Small Community’s Police Department Expands Coverage

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NEW MILFORD -- Over the past several years, there have been plenty of stories about police stations in our area consolidating or disbanding altogether.

Now, one police force in Susquehanna County is expanding its coverage without having to merge.

As of Friday evening, Great Bend Borough Police assumed duties of patrolling through neighboring New Milford after a contract was reached between the two communities.

"We've had some complaints already about traffic enforcement and they want to see people slow down," said Great Bend Borough Police Chief Jon Record.

For the past several months, only state police have responded to calls in New Milford.

The borough has been without its own police force for the past 15 years while Montrose police provided coverage.

For people like Steve Macnamee, it's a sign pointed in the right direction.

"We've had a lot of problems with crime in the area and the more police protection we have in the area the better," he exclaimed.

The chief sees it as a big bump financially for Great Bend as well.

"This is going to help Great Bend certainly more as a moneymaker and less of a burden to taxpayers," Record explained. The chief believes the move will help secure grants for equipment upgrades like a new squad car.

Of the people we spoke with in Great Bend, some said off-camera that they actually wish there were more officers patrolling Great Bend.

Whereas others said the idea of combating crime in New Milford could actually improve the safety up in Great Bend and around the area.

"I hear a lot of stories about the bad stuff that's going on in this town and most of it comes from New Milford," said Zack Clarke.

Great Bend police will respond to all calls in New Milford, and will also have patrols periodically throughout the day in that area. State police will continue regional coverage of the area.


  • Mick

    Jon Record (aka Jonny 2 5) a police chief, that’s some funny stuff, this state is ridiculous! He would know that nickname from his time in Dupont Borough, which was very short lived. Only in Pennsylvania….

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