Four Hurt in Horse and Buggy Crash in Columbia County

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GREENWOOD TOWNSHIP -- Two adults and two children were taken to Geisinger near Danville Sunday morning after a horse and buggy crash in Columbia County.

It happened around 6 a.m. along Route 254 in the Millville area.

The driver who hit the buggy told State Police he did not see it because of a bump in the road.  He was not hurt.

Authorities said the four people inside the buggy are expected to recover.

The horse is also okay after Sunday morning's crash in Columbia County.




  • Mp3 Music

    They’re everybody’s roads. But I feel you. I can’t stand it when cyclists ride 3 wide instead of single file. I’m hoping that pretty soon a points game is developed for these men.

    • Jay

      PA state law requires that you give cyclists 4 feet. So it really doesn’t matter whether they’re single file or 3-abreast, either way it requires a motorist to drift into oncoming traffic and therefore only do so when it’s safe to pass.

    • danwesson

      I spend a lot of time in Lancaster at the National Train Museum. The way people stare at these Amish folks you would think they just got off a space ship. Maybe if the tourists would mind there own business these accident may not be so abundant. Oh I forgot. We have to text about what we see or call someone about the horse and buggy. Just leave these people alone.

    • Valfreyja

      It’s almost like driving an antiquated and entirely unsuitable vehicle on public roads is a bad idea.

      • Chilio

        Or you could try driving more carefully. I guess you think motorcycles and bicycles are all unsuitable for road use as well.

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