Woman Charged After Dozens of Dogs Removed From Home

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EAST PENN TOWNSHIP -- A woman is charged with animal cruelty after dozens of dogs had to be removed from a home in Carbon County in January.

Humane officers removed more than 50 dogs, many of them Yorkshire Terriers, from the home along Kittatiny Lane near Bowmanstown.

According  to court documents, the owner Nancy Lou Bullard, 72, is accused of depriving the dogs of veterinary care and clean shelter and allowing them to live with serious skin diseases.


  • Bleepnoid

    Now, spend thousands of dollars to heal these dogs, pen them up and up for adoption. This, I think is cruel. There is already an over population problem. It is humane to put down the sick animals.

    • Animal lover

      You are obviously a heartless person. These dogs deseve to receive vet care and love. It is not their fault that they are in this situation. People are to blame for the over population problem. If people would stop breeding their dogs and just spay or neuter them, there would be a lot less suffering. I wish them all a speedy recovery.

      • Animal lover

        Just because you are not willing to offer help does not mean that other people won’t. They shouldn’t be condemned to death because of the neglect and stupidity of their owner. I help as many animals as I could. I would never turn my back on an animal in need. These dogs and all other animals have feelings just like people.

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