Trump Campaign Office Opens in Clarks Summit

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CLARKS SUMMIT -- The race for the White House is hitting home. Pennsylvania's suddenly-critical primary election later this month could go a long way toward determining the two major party nominees for president.

On Friday, Republican front-runner Donald Trump opened a campaign office in our area.

"He is the same man you see on TV he is in person. He is salt of the earth as is his family, and that's what I really respect about him," said Curt Coccodrilli of Lake Ariel, who says he knows the Trump family.

Donald Trump supporters came together in Clarks Summit for the opening of the Republican's first campaign office in northeastern Pennsylvania. A storefront on North State Street will be their headquarters for the April 26 primary, and they hope right through the November election.

"The silent majority is coming out. A lot of people are speaking up and saying they believe in Mr. Trump," said Daria Hudson of Taylor.

Trump leads the polls in Pennsylvania, about two and a half weeks ahead of the April 26 primary. Supporters in Clarks summit believe a President Trump would mean more jobs for Americans.

"We've given enough jobs away to other countries in the past, and we just can't afford to keep going," said George Blauer of Wilkes-Barre.

Coccodrilli thinks he will do very well in the Keystone State.

"This is a perfect area to bring manufacturing back, and it's what I believe Trump will bring back to America," said Coccodrilli. "I think it's fascinating to see a grass roots campaign of this magnitude start from nothing, literally from a little pea to a snowball, to a boulder to an avalanche."

Republican Congressman Tom Marino represents Pennsylvania's 10th congressional district, including Clarks Summit, and is Donald Trump's campaign chairman in Pennsylvania.


  • Gerald Filtz

    Scranton sees Joe Biden and Hillary and Bill Clinton only when they want votes. They’ve never done a think to hep turn the area around. The Democrats are very happy to keep us poor so that we keep voting for them when the promise use the world. If Trump is the Republican candidate in November I’ll vote for him.

  • Matt

    Very thankful for Mr Trump being here!! We, the silent majority, will fully support him and his cause to end socialism in America..

  • Valfreyja

    The “salt of the Earth”?

    The “Silent Majority”?

    All Trump supporters do is bleat about their hopeful lobbyist-in-chief.

    • Valfreyja

      And oh my god, you think Trump will end the hyper deregulation of commerce that allows globalized cartel economics to send your manufacturing plants to Mexico? Half of Trump’s own products have been made in Mexico. Just look at his clothing line. The guy is feeding you bald faced lies. He’s not the guy who’s going to fix things, he’s one of the guys who broke them in the first place.

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