Suspended Principal Accused of Having Illegal Prescriptions

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SCRANTON -- A suspended elementary school principal in the Scranton School District is in trouble with the law.

Gwen Damiano of Dunmore was stopped by police Wednesday, and officers found illegal prescription pills in her car.

Damiano has been suspended from her principal job for more than a year.


  • two timin bartender hoe

    Teacher’s need to be drug free, the system is broke must be fixed.
    It needs to fixed right now ! Our children must count above and beyond any other issues.

  • teabag me

    Hey bleepnoid, I’m referring to the principal’s principles. Without principle principal’s principles what would you have? I’ll tell you what you would have. A bunch of non principle principals being principally unprincibalized.

  • jen

    Since when is this newsworthy?? I see no other MUGSHOTS on the news of people getting caught with Meds that were not prescribed by their doctor???? Hmmmm….

  • jen

    This county should be ashamed of themselves to be kicking people when they are down like this. Let’s look at the man in the mirror and know that no one is perfect and no family is free of problems. Respect her and her family’s privacy.

  • jen

    I would like to know why this is newsworthy?? I do not see any other MUGSHOTS on the news for having non prescribed narcotics?? Hmmmm….

  • junky teachers and principles

    Lets not forget about the 8th grade teacher at canton school district in Bradford county. Remember, she was the teacher that was arrested for possession of heroin, and tampering with physical evidence at the scene of her boyfriend’s, wade sparbanie, heroin death. She messed with evidence before state police arrived. This folks are the junkies that are teaching our children. Real nice huh?

  • three timin bartender hoe

    Drug test all personnel dealing with our children,make it mandatory and random.

  • jim

    Maybe it is time to randomly drug test educators…..after all they are dealing with our kids.
    We test truck drivers pilots and other union employees

    • Bleepnoid

      Raise taxes to pay for this? There is already random testing, involved. Did you not get the memo?

      • jim

        Random testing no I didn’t get the memo…is this the only school district to do so.
        Pay for it be spending less on sports pensions and Cadillac benefits….from a 401k taxpayer who has being contributing to their benefits for more then 30 yrs.
        We rank in the 20’s globally in high school education….money and time at school could be put towards a better education.

  • Guest

    Undoubtedly, still getting paid. Our hard earned tax dollars, at work. God bless unions; am I right (lol)?

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