‘Pet Horse’ Found Dead in Neighbor’s Pool

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HAMILTON TOWNSHIP -- A horse got loose in Monroe County overnight and emergency crews say the animal died in a neighbor's swimming pool.

It happened at a house near Saylorsburg along Meadow Lake Road in Hamilton Township.

Rescuers think the escaped horse tried getting a drink from the neighbor's pool and fell through the cover.   The animal wasn't discovered until around 6:30 a.m. Friday and officials think he died from hypothermia.

Emergency crews tell us the horse was considered a close family pet.

"It's like losing a child to many people.  It's a hard thing.  It's a hard process," said Bruce Barton, Northeast Search and Rescue.

"I could imagine whose ever horse it would be would be very emotional.  A horse is a major pet," said neighbor Mike Kotch.

It took rescue crews about 45 minutes to remove the horse from the pool in Monroe County.

A GoFundMe page has been setup to help with burial expenses.


  • Butch

    At first I thought they were going to say this happened on Custer St., Wilkes-Barre. I was afraid the Lendacky pool took another victim.

    • Drowning Pool

      …she didn’t try to save the kids, she wouldn’t have tried to save the horse either.

      • Elaine

        YOUR ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. We just put one in this past summer. Not only did we have to fence in our entire property with an 8 ft fence, but we had to put alarms on the downstairs doors in case a child who was inside the house made his way out. We only live in the township over from this. Im really surprised because Hamilton Twnsp is usually very tough on these things.

  • Mary

    Shouldn’t in ground pools have fences around them so animals or children can’t get in to them? It could have just have well been a child. A horse could not “fall” into an above ground pool.

    • karma is coming for you

      I see the 2 dogs in your photo I will pray every night they die tragically and when your heart is absolutely crushed I will ask you a mean hurtful question like you have to these people here…..Your a complete scumbag…..

  • danwesson

    I feel your pain It is like losing a child. God will take good care of your pet. Sorry for your loss

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