Viral Facebook post claims man sat in Denny’s for 2 hours – then did the unthinkable

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A man’s apparent act of kindness at a Denny’s in Utah is both heartwarming and heartbreaking, according to a post that has gone viral on social media.

The man walked into the Denny’s and immediately asked a staff member to be seated at a table that was served by a single mother, Love What Matters posted on Facebook and Instagram.

The staff member thought the request was “very odd,” but coincidentally happened to have a co-worker named Crystal who was a single mother, the post claimed.  For the next two hours, the man sat at his booth, not ordering anything, but watching families that came in.

The caption of the photo — allegedly written by the staff member that seated him — read, “7 families came in and ate while you were there and you paid every one of their bills, over $1,000 you paid for people you didn’t even know. I asked, ‘Why did you do that?'”

The man told her, “Family is everything, I’ve lost all mine.”

The caption continued:

“Looking into your eyes while you said that made me tear up (It’s why I walked away so quickly) as soon as I got in the back I broke down in tears because your eyes had so much pain in them.

“I just wanted to let you know, the waitress Crystal that you requested was living in a shelter with her son until she was able to save up enough to get a place. Your bill was $21.34 and you left her a $1,500 tip, because of you she gets her new place next week, because of you 7 families ate for free.”

Crystal told me she prayed the night before for a miracle and God sent you.

You left before any of us could say thank you, I hope you read this because you’re truly an amazing person and you stole the hearts of every one of us here. Thank you.”

The Facebook post has been liked more than 360,000 times and shared more than 160,000 times as of Friday evening.

Denny’s corporate offices would not comment on the viral post.


    • noagendashowdotcom

      I guess even our local media is susceptible to the rampant knee jerk reactions, lack of fact checking, and general dumbing down that comes with spending too much time in the narcissistic echo chamber of FB. This is a very telling and sad sign of the state of things today. If people would spend half as much time researching and critically analyzing things, as they do chasing down “likes” and “shares”, things might be just a little bit better. ITM

      • Valfreyja

        “Even our local news”? Fluff, appeals to religion and political bias are the bread and butter of local news stations. They aren’t here to inform us, that’s not their business model. WNEP is a prime offender.

      • noagendashowdotcom

        Amazing. My comment is now “awaiting moderation”. Why is that? Did I say something obscene or nasty? No, I didn’t. Whoever is responsible for that really is a shameful person. It sickens me that we have people who just want to silence things that they disagree with. Is that really the kind of world we want to live in? Not a very good path to follow. Just remember, the ones you are trying to silence may be the ones doing the silencing tomorrow. The tide will always turn. Be careful what you wish for.

      • noagendashowdotcom

        …and if by chance it happens to be because of my user name, YOU have given us the option of signing in with our other account details. This happens to be my account… and you now ask people to sign in with these credentials. I fail to see the issue, as my post was quite on subject and not peddling anything.

  • Greedy rich

    Another person feeding their ego. Denny’s and other fast-food places you need pay their workers a living wage. Frankly these PR stunts are being promoted because they’re a cheaper alternative. Would be interesting to know if denny’s have him the money to donate in the first place

  • Michael

    I don’t believe a word of this… mainly because how could 7 families spend over $1,000 at Denny’s. It’s Denny’s!

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