Daytime Shooting Concerns Neighbors

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MONROE TOWNSHIP -- Police are now investigating a shooting in Bradford County which they believe was over drugs. The shooting has people who live in the Monroeton area concerned, because it happened in the middle of the day.

There isn't much going on at this house on Weston Road near Monroeton now, but yesterday afternoon, a man was shot on this porch in the middle of the day.

Police belive this man, 21-year-old Lucas Worthington, pulled the trigger. He faces attempted criminal homicide and other charges.

According to court papers, Worthington shot 36-year-old Shawn Shiflett four to five times because Shiflett and two other men were throwing rocks at his house. The men told police Worthington sold them fake Percocet pills and owed them $55.

"It's kind-of crazy but it's not surprising. There's a lot of drugs around here," Danny Spencer said.

The people we spoke with aren't surprised the shooting was supposedly over drugs. They say that's a growing problem here in Bradford County.

"There is definitely a drug problem in this area," George Dunn said.

"The drug problem has definitely hit the rural communities and it's hitting it hard," DA Daniel Barrett.

District Attorney Daniel Barrett says 40 percent of the people who are charged with driving under the influence in Bradford County have drugs in their systems.

"The crime load that we're getting from drug-related activity--burglaries, drug-related thefts, keeps rising and it's just a shame to have to deal with it," Barrett said.

Since the shooting happened on Worthington's front porch in the middle of the day, neighbor George Dunn says it's nerve wracking.

"It's very scary, especially when my kids basically play on my front porch and walk down to the bus stop," Dunn said.

The shooting victim, Shawn Shiflett, is listed in critical condition at the hospital. The Bradford County District Attorney say there may be additional charges filed in this case, but it is still under investigation.


  • laughing stock

    Bradford county has nothing but key stone cops. If you all can recollect we are the county that back in 2004 that had two sheriffs shot to death cuz they went unprepared and greatly undermanned going into a drug/arrest warrant situation. They had their bullet proof vests on and still got their asses served to them by one guy with a pistol. What a joke. Lol!

  • jimbrony

    If only they legalized drugs, then we wouldn’t have these problems. Then they need people to pass background checks to have guns. Problem solved.

  • justicewanted

    What a terrible shame this all is! Same county those monster LLL’s came from that committed that heinous crime against the inch family! Time for a clean sweep! Lock up the dealers in prison and throw away the key for 10 years and lock the junkies up in rehab for a year!

    • Barclay mountain sasquatch

      Those folks in Weston aren’t concerned about a few shots getting ripped off in the middle of the day. Those 12 houses or so that make up Weston are filled with a bunch of crazy mountain people that don’t care about nothing except there old Milwaukee beer. And about the drugs in Bradford county, yes, big problem. But that’s what happens when the state and local law enforcement refuse to be pro-active.

      • justicewanted

        There have been some pretty decent busts here and there, however, the current judicial system makes every bust barely worth the sweat. The top of the totem kingpins seem untouchable which is why you have cripple their bottom feeders 100%. No easy task now that the drug problem is so huge in these little hamlets where it’s so easy for the dregs of said society to hide. In urban environments they hide in plain sight. Much easier to seek and much easier to find when you have a LEO count in the 10’s thousands.

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