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Wolf Extends Protection to Some LGBT People

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WILKES-BARRE -- Governor Tom Wolf signed an executive order that bans discrimination against state workers and contractors who are LGBT.

The governor says Pennsylvania needs to be seen as a welcoming place, but civil rights advocates say even more needs to be done to protect LGBT people in Pennsylvania.

Governor Wolf signed this executive order in Harrisburg with a smile. The order protects lesbian, gay, and transgender people who work for the state or for businesses that contract with the state.

"It's great to see Governor Wolf reaffirming his commitment to equality in Pennsylvania," said John Dawe, Equality Pennsylvania.

Wolf's order comes after he believes other nondiscrimination state bills have languished. But LGBT workers who are employed in the private sector and local government in Pennsylvania can still face legal discrimination.

"When people come in and they're clearly being discriminated based on their sexual orientation or their gender identity, we have to tell them there's not a whole lot we can do," said attorney Joseph Borland.

Borland is an attorney at Borland and Borland in Wilkes-Barre. Borland also points out the Commonwealth was a leader in passing nondiscrimination protections for other minorities.

"They were the first state to have protections for race and gender and now we're so far behind the country when it comes to this issue."

In our area, Pittston and Scranton both have similar local ordinances, but most places do not.


    • not anti-religion, just anti-hypocrisy

      Exactly, DNA can predict homosexuality..

      Simple google search and some credible sources can fix that ignorance..

  • Conroy

    Don’t get me wrong I hate PC as much as the next person with common sense but why are you all opposed to this? I really can’t see any downside to this action. Ohhhhh, it’s govoner wolf who’s doing it. So that automatically makes it bad, right?

    • Fudusirngfnlskrg

      I’m not for it or against it, I personally don’t care either way. What I don’t like is the lack of diplomacy. The Self crowned Kings doing what the wish with the flip of a pen.

    • Kandi Madill

      That’s the problem, so called Christians, who are suppose to love everyone no matter what! What a joke!

    • Conroy

      Your “christian values” are going to be forgotten in the next few decades and people will look back and say. “did people really believe that? “Wow what a bunch of barbarians”.

    • cheeseburger_walrus

      How about the Christian values of love and acceptance of others? And helping your neighbors? Or have you forgotten about those?

    • Not anti-religion.. Just anti-hypocrisy

      Raping,pillaging, and murdering thousands upon thousands of native Americans is how this country was founded like it or not.. Enslaving and abusing thousands upon thousands of African Americans is how this country was founded.. That was all God’s will, right?

      But no way can we allow people to love the same sex and not bother a soul.. God has made up his mind on this subject matter…

      Give me a break…

      • not anti-religion, just anti-hypocrisy

        Put down the bible for just a second and crack open a history book..

        Hating gay people is no different than hating black people or native Americans.. Get out of your white NE PA bubble and travel a little you clowns..

  • Robert

    WNEP deletes all opinions that are not pro-gay. Shame on WNEP shoving the pro-gay agenda in our faces. Tolerance only works one way, right?
    if gay was normal, man would be extinct.

    • Not anti-religion.. Just anti-hypocrisy

      Are you saying if being gay was socially normal you would hop on board?

      If not then your argument holds no weight..

    • cheeseburger_walrus

      There’s a big difference between being “politically correct” and being non-discriminatory…

    • Down vote this you clown

      Hating people just because they’re unlike you is just being a terrible person.. Has nothing to do with thinking you’re saying what everyone is thinking.. You just sound like a fool.. Enjoy your Trump bumper sticker.. I’ll be laughing at the discoloration in a year or two when he’s not elected..

    • cheeseburger_walrus

      Yes, and executive orders can be challenged and overturned. Its called balance of power. Governors use them all the time, it doesn’t make it a dictatorship just because you don’t like the current governor.

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