Hundreds Gather for Coach Curry’s Funeral

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BRIAR CREEK TOWNSHIP -- The line of mourners stretched out the door and into the parking lot honoring a high school football coaching legend.

It is the day friends and fans say goodbye to the most successful high school football coach in Pennsylvania history.

The funeral for George Curry began at 11 a.m. near Berwick.

St. Mary's Church along Fowler Avenue outside of Berwick was packed with people honoring the man who meant so much to the game and the community.

The line of mourners stretched down the sidewalk and well in to the parking lot.

Many of the people knew George Curry as their football coach, the man who led Berwick Area, and Wyoming Valley West to a total of 455 wins.

Some, including John McAfee, remember Curry as a friend, a man who came to the rescue when his refrigerator broke.

"We went down to the field house.  He had an automatic ice machine there. And he said just take all you want and if you need more come back and get it," McAfee recalled.  "He was that kind of guy."

But it was the game of football that brought Curry and his schools so much notoriety.  A former official, who asked we not use his last name, said Curry was tough to corral, but never out of line.  The kids came first.

"When I officiated with him, he was very fair, of course.  Sometimes we didn't agree on things, but that's how it goes."

George Curry was investigated, at least twice, for allegations he didn't follow all the rules.

Former sportscaster and current state representative Sid Michaels Kavulich said he never believed Curry cheated.  He just worked harder and smarter.

"He lived football, and that's why he won, because he was always in to it.  He always studied it.  He lived football," said Kavulich.

Kavulich added Curry was always a great family man, and a great spiritual man.  He will be missed.

And it wasn't just people associated with the Berwick program on hand to pay their respects.  Several young men wearing Dallas Mountaineer jackets waited in line showing the respect of opponents.

George Curry lost his battle with Lou Gehrig's disease Friday.  He was 71.  After the service, a celebration of Curry's life is set in the parish center for family and friends.

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