Zimmerman The Running Wildcat From District IV

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"He's a completely different animal than I've coached before. I mean he's an athlete all around. This year he is going to do some throwing and jumping as well. He is just an athlete," said James Sowers-Mifflinburg track coach.

Mifflinburg track coach James Sowers is talking about senior sprinter Brian Zimmerman.

"Oh. Yes! His form is fantastic. That is what we work on more than anything else. With someone like that he's already got the speed. It's all about the form after that," added James.

The three sport athlete. Zimmerman split time last year between football, baseball and track. He showcased himself at states placing 3rd in the 200, 4th in the 100 and 8th in the 400. This season though could be better with a full-time schedule out here on the track.

"It's hard picking just one sport, but it was a little bit of a conflict doing two sports and the work load. I guess it was just easier for me to just pick track this year and just focus on one," said Brian.

"It's great! It's great to see him everyday at practice. I finally can do some workouts with him. Before I didn't know what he was doing at baseball, so I didn't know what I could do with him at track practice. I didn't want to wear him out. It's great knowing everyday what's he's doing because I'm the one giving him the workouts to do," added James.

Brian will graduate soon here from Mifflinburg, and in the fall he will attend Lock Haven University where he will split time playing sports between track and field, and football and he plans on studying business with an emphasis on marketing.

"Talk about goals down the road for you? Definitely going to states hopefully. Keeping up good pace and times probably looking to get into the 100, 200 and the 400. I think trying to do all three at states last year was a little too much, but hopefully I can just make qualifying for all three and then be able to choose." added Brian.

Zimmerman's biggest competition might be right here in District IV. Blooms burg's Jahvel Hemphill last year's state champion in AA ran a 10.76 in the final, while Zimmerman posted a 10.82.