Group Calls For LGBT Legislation in Pennsylvania

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PITTSTON -- A group gathered to recognize International Transgender Day of Visibility and to push for new state legislation Thursday night.

"Right now, the state of Pennsylvania has a right to discriminate against people. Most people don't realize you can still lose your job for being gay, lesbian or transgender,” said Carl Halkyer of Northeast Pennsylvania Rainbow Alliance.

Halkyer and others want state lawmakers to pass a bill, currently in the House and Senate, that would protect gay and transgender Pennsylvanians from discrimination at work, in housing, and in businesses.

"Not really many people are accepting around here. It's kind of like people think one way and a lot of people aren't out, not that I know of. I'm not out at home, so I don't really tell people that I'm trans[gender]," said Evan Ryder of Scranton.

“We're definitely trying to make good things happen in Pennsylvania. I live here. I would like to see our area thrive, and in order to do that we have to get more inclusive,” said Dee Culp of Wilkes-Barre.

Pennsylvania has proposed legislation to protect the LGBT community at a time when other states are passing controversial legislation.

The Mississippi State Senate has approved a 'Religious Liberty' bill, which allows public employees, businesses, and social workers to deny things such as medical treatment, marriage licenses, and adoptions if they disagree with someone's lifestyle based on religious reasons. Proponents of the bill say they're not discriminating against anyone, but rather protecting everyone's religious rights.

Lawmakers in North Carolina passed a new law revoking and banning LGBT protections.

"I think the new legislation is really dangerous, I think that a lot of people's lives could be at stake and basic civil human rights are being violated and it's really unfair,” said Patricia Dickert-Nieves of Scranton.

"Those states are dropping the ball right now, and I think that there's a really great opportunity for Pennsylvania to pick the ball up and pass this, update our human rights act, and essentially put the welcome sign out on the door and start attracting businesses. There are a lot of people who are upset about these bills down south and they're losing money. They're hurting their economy. Let's be better than that,” said Allison VanKuiken of Pennsylvania Competes.


  • Rob

    We need legislation to get these people out of the state! Take your traveling freak show elsewhere. Stop trying to brainwash our youth into thinking your liflestyle which spreads AIDS is normal.

  • Robert

    Once again, WNEP removes all comments that go against the pro-gay agenda. So much for free speech and thought. WNEP will continue to shove homosexual Ryan Leckey in our faces each morning and push the rest of us to become normal. Gay sex isn’t normal or moral. Transgender is a flat out freak show. But hey, so much for being tolerant, WNEP. I see how it works.

    • cheeseburger_walrus

      The bible also provides comprehensive instructions on how to sell your children into slavery. Oh, and eating shellfish, shaving your beard, wearing clothes made of more than one fiber, and planting more than one crop in a single field are sins and you’re going to hell. And then there’s the countless tantrums that god goes on, killing thousands of people for no reason. The bible is a silly, outdated book written by man.

      • jimbrony

        For citing the often quoted Old Testament passages that most atheists and critics such as yourself do, you really don’t know much about the Bible, do you? You are correct about two things – it was written by man – and it is old. But not outdated. Hopefully some day your heart will open and you will realize your mockery is wrong.

    • I can be funny the other 364 days of the year, can you?

      The Treaty of Tripoli says this country was not founded on Christianity.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Group Calls For LGBT Legislation in Pennsylvania…………
    Here we go again, the freaks want to push more BS down our throats..The LGBT community wants to be a protective class of people…..WRONG!!!!!!! YOU have the same rights I do under the U.S. Constitution, nothing more nothing less.
    If a local baker is religious and you go to him to make a wedding cake and he says no due to his faith, then so be it move on to the next bakery , if you go into a bakery to by a cake for dinner, then no the baker can’t refuse you….

    To the LGBT community, you are not helping out your cause, you are pissing off the silent majority, who don’t really give a krap about you, but when push comes to shove , we will start shoving back….leave it alone, and carry on with what little pathetic lives you have.

    • Your gender is on your birth certificate

      You nailed magicmike.I’ll tell you this much,if my wife or daughter ever tell me there’s a man in the ladies room with them,that will be one sorry perv

    • jimbrony

      Right you are, MMXXSM! How many people do you meet that introduce themselves by their sexual orientation or identification? ‘Hi,nice to meet you – I’m Nancy and was born as a female and have female genitalia, but I identify as a man.’ Seriously, nobody cares – just live your life like most everyone else and stop asking for special or preferential treatment. Peoples lives at stake? Sensationalize much?

    • Maybe...

      The silent majority isn’t a majority. They’re just loud. The real silent majority is rolling our eyes.

  • Your gender is on your birth certificate

    This is one issue Pennsylvania needs to leave as is.The nuts want more acceptance,move to a state that supports it.

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