Trump Truck Stuck

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PITTSTON -- A truck advertising Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump got stuck on the Water Street Bridge connecting Pittston and West Pittston Wednesday afternoon.

Local businessman Bob Bolus donated this rig to the Trump campaign so it can go around and advertise for Trump.

It appears the driver made too sharp a turn onto the bridge in Luzerne County and got stuck.


  • Tom

    I made a comment on how Bob Bolus’ family was an immigrant family and his support of an anti-immigrant candidate was hypocritical. My post was removed. How fun, a media channel censoring the freedom of speech!

  • Joebooski

    If truck had black lives matter advertisement on it would we have a issue?
    No we would not. Doulble set of standards.
    Make your vote count, our forefathers put system in place. America is a great country, if you have negative views then leave and go elsewhere.

  • Kim

    There is a sign stating that trucks over 20 tons are prohibited on that bridge. Ignoring the rules…figures its representating Trump.

    • jimbrony

      Let me help you out here Kimmy – 20 tons = 40,000 pounds. If that truck was unladen it weighed less than that. It didn’t get stuck because of weight. Figures you represent Obozo, Hitlary, or the Sand Man. Of course, liberals and Dems don’t use facts and reason, they just like to spread lies and propaganda.

      • jimbrony

        It’s truly difficult to take someone seriously that uses anime for an avatar. Or someone that chooses to use a slur for a birth defect that many people live with from day to day. Tell you what – we suffered for eight years with your divider-in-chief destroying our country, I think you can handle a little common sense for at least four years. Your free ride is over sonny, time to get a job and become a productive member of society. Is that what concerns you?

  • Adam Muhler

    The Water Street Bridge is a fantastic place to start building that wall. Close the borders between these shores!

    • jimbrony

      The liberal Dem way: Don’t try to have a sensible discussion – resort to vulgarities and name-calling. Thanks for re-affirming that fact.

  • DMFils

    Probably a ploy to get more news media coverage – and I guess that it did !!! TRUMP 2016 & 2020 –

    • jbrony69

      He’s going to be your next President, so ‘LOL’ now. Come 1/20/17 the USA will see some much needed change, and not the type that your great divider brought along.

      • Millennial

        Tom again, what you say is fear propaganda. Exactly what said organizations thrive off of. Ugh almost makes me sick how “predictions” like this are stated. You know what the other term is for that? Conspiracy theory, fictional until it’s taken place or given solid evidence. Which in Trumps case hasn’t been proven, in fact speaks strongly against it. I’ll give it to you though everyone talks the talk. Bottom line you’re drawing conclusions, children do such things. Don’t be a child be a responsible adult, and enough with the predictions, it’s sad and even though it’s your opinion, you state it as a fact and that shouldnt be allowed to stand without contest. You obviously know who you’re voting for so wait for election time, and stop insulting people for their opinions, that’s what idiots do.

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