Reward Offered to Find Dead Puppy’s Owner

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FOSTER TOWNSHIP -- A 3-month-old puppy was found dead in Schuylkill County. Authorities say it was abandoned on the side of the road and left to die inside of a crate.

Authorities say this puppy's death could've been prevented and there's some suspicion the owner of this puppy may be an illegal breeder or someone running a puppy mill.

The Hillside SPCA near Pottsville is offering a reward to anyone who can help them find the owner of the puppy.  The dog was found dead on Friday near an industrial park in Foster Township after she was abandoned in a crate.

"State police is also working with us to find the person who did this. We haven't had too many leads so far that are taking us anywhere," said Humane Officer Janine Choplick.

Choplick is sharing pictures of the puppy in hopes that someone recognizes it. Choplick the mixed-breed puppy that was left to die from an intestinal virus that causes a very painful death.

"They actually start to hemorrhage their intestines, inside they cramp and pain. They are tortured. It's an ugly horrible death. There is no excuse," said Hillside SPCA official Barbara Umlauf.

The Hillside SPCA says a series of shots that cost about $25, could have prevented this dog from dying a lonely and painful death.

SPCA officials say any legal breeder would have vaccinated the puppy to prevent the disease called parvovirus.

The SPCA also suspects an illegal breeder or someone running a puppy mill may have been the owner because photos show the puppies ears were cropped.

"We've had lots of cases where they use a razor blade and sow it," Umlauf explained. "To make it look meaner."

Anyone with information on who abandoned the puppy are asked to call the Hillside SPCA at 570-622-7769 or state police in Lehighton at 610-377-4270.


  • wth

    Whoever you are; you suck. But, you already know that, but you don’t even’s ok, Karma will strike when you least expect it.

  • psycho 4 sure

    Some more low life scum out there that don’t deserve to breathe, whoever it is should have the same torture done to them and suffer like that poor puppy suffered. So sad and heartbreaking!

  • m sweda

    When is this going to end…cruel, cruel, heartless people. Our laws much change to protect these voiceless, innocent creatures. heartbreaking.

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